Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 15th August 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 15th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Surilii says Shiv didn’t know this, otherwise, he would have been Mrs. Barot today. Shiv says yes, she knows about Mohit. Roshni says it means you broke my promise. He says sorry, I had to tell her to keep her heart. The doctor comes and says stress can be threatening to her. Roshni says I trust him. The doctor says she needs complete bed rest. Shiv says we’re heading to Ranak tomorrow.

We are going to Ranak, Roshni says. Shiv says no, he didn’t mean that. She says I felt that way. He says Surilii and I will leave tomorrow, so we will make arrangements at your house. Roshni says I haven’t seen a girl like her till now, thanks. Shiv and Surilii leave. Roshni says you want to snatch my son’s rights, so we will also go to Ranak, it’s my challenge.

Shiv brings tea for Surilii, who expresses her frustration with the situation. She acknowledges that Shiv has a son, and requests some time to process this information. In response, Shiv assures her that she can take all the time she needs, and thanks her for suggesting that they keep Roshni and Mohit in Mumbai. Surilii agrees but reminds him that they still need to inform their family about Mohit and that it is his right to know his father. Samar reassures her by saying Mithi will come. He adds that he only has one friend and suggests making Mithi jealous if other girls are ignoring them. As a result, Mithi will come to them.

She explains to Shiv that she came to Mumbai to let him know that he is going to become a father again. She sees Shiv sleeping. She gets Roshni’s call. Roshni says that Shiv should come soon. Surilii wakes him up. According to Roshni, the electricity wire is in the water. Shiv and Surilii worry. Roshni says come fast, I’m not sure what to do. Shiv says we’ll be there in 10 minutes. They leave. They arrive.

The water is visible to Shiv. Roshni warns him to be careful, the water is current. He closes the switch. Shiv turns off the power. He notices the curtain burning. He turns it off. Surilii asks if you’re okay. He says yes. Surilii says open the window. He says yes. He opens the window and hugs Mohit. Surilii gives water to Shiv. She asks how this happened, and Roshni lies.

They came to save them. She remembers making the plan. Despite the fact that Mohit’s life is in danger, I must take bed rest for a month, this is the best decision for him. I am sending him to a hostel and staying at a hotel. She says she is right, Mohit needs attention, Roshni is weak, so she needs to rest, and I have the perfect solution.

Shiv asks what. Surilii says Roshni and Mohit will come with us to Ranakgarh. Roshni says fine if you think so. Shiv says we’ll pick you up tomorrow. Surilii tells them to sleep. Shiv and Surilii leave. Roshni says I told you we’d come with us to Ranak. Shiv ties his seatbelt and gets close to Surilii. He says they will be great if they come along with us to Ranak. I have seen someone strong after my mother and that’s you.

She packs her bag and says to Shiv, you’re lucky because I’m going back to your life, I have a right to become your queen. Samar sees Rani Maa preparing to welcome Surilii. A necklace caught Rani Maa’s attention. Swati comes and says wow Rani Maa, it’s so beautiful, is this a special day for you? In reply to Swati’s question, Rani Maa says that Shiv and Surilii are returning home. She says to keep patience. Samar says I need to find out why Rani Maa is so loving towards Shiv and Surilii.


Samar sees Roshni and says, “I must find out who this girl and that child are.”.

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