Shiv Shakti (Zee) 8th July 2023 Written Update

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti (Zee) 8th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shiv is feeling dizzy when Nandu arrives and suggests he eat something. Shiv, preoccupied with talking to the moon, brushes him off and leaves. Gayatri sadly remarks to Nandu that no one noticed how Shiv became lost in his memories when they discussed his marriage. She blames herself for his condition. Nandu urges her to stop crying, noting that Shiv hasn’t eaten anything. Realizing this may help ease his troubles, Gayatri offers to cook for him. But Nandu reminds her that she can’t cook, so he will order food instead. As it turns out, Shiv starts feeling hungry and Nandu goes to him, suggesting he order a meal. Shiv decides on a special pizza and provides his address for delivery.

She prays for food and a rider comes and says he has brought your order. Shakti says Rimjhim must have ordered it for me. She takes it and says wow.. this is my favorite pizza.

When Nindu calls the rider, he tells him you must have entered the wrong address. Shiv says maybe the food was more needed by someone else. I feel like I am no longer hungry when someone else ate my food.. Maybe that person’s food will reach me. Nandu is confused, but leaves. Shiv finds a chocolate in his coat and asks who it belongs to? Perhaps the pizza thief sent it.

Rimjhim thanks Shakti for ordering a pizza. She says she did not order any pizza, what if you had an affair and that person ordered it for you? Shakti says don’t be fooled. Shakti eats the chocolate and says I don’t know how it got in my pocket. She says I must have mistakenly eaten someone’s pizza.

You keep an eye on Shiv while I make kheer, Gayatri tells Nandu. Give it to Shiv and tell him you cooked it. Nandu says I want to eat it as well. She says yes. Padma hides in the kitchen and sees them. She says this will be a good drama. Shiv falls asleep and says that chocolate was so satisfying, and he can even sleep.

As Gayatri cooks for Shiv, memories flood her mind. She recalls making kheer for him and receiving his grateful compliments. However, amidst their lighthearted banter, Ragunath would often accuse Shiv of stealing Gayatri’s love from him. But Shiv would defend himself, stating that no one can compare to his mother’s love. Despite this playful dynamic, the flashback comes to an end. As Gayatri prepares the kheer again, she notices Nandu sleeping nearby and laments her past actions that have caused turmoil in her family. Determined to make amends, she decides to bring the kheer to Shiv. Meanwhile, Padma introduces Mandira and discusses their plan to manipulate Gayatri. Mandira suggests using subtle tactics instead of resorting to villainous behavior. She takes matters into her own hands by calling Ragunath under the pretense of checking on Gayatri’s health. However, when he reveals that Gayatri is not in her room, Mandira ends the call with a mischievous smirk and Padma predicts an upcoming drama.

Gayatri enters Shiv’s room with a bowl of kheer, but her peaceful intentions are interrupted by Ragunath’s sudden appearance. He forcefully pulls her away, causing the kheer to spill on the floor. In a furious tone, he exclaims, “How dare you!” The commotion attracts the attention of the other family members, who gather around. Ragunath continues to scold Gayatri, stating that he would rather consume poison than eat her kheer. Gayatri weeps and pleads for him not to say such hurtful things. Reminding her of her past actions, Ragunath tells her that she should never go near Shiv again. Mandira questions if she had visited Shiv’s room, to which Gayatri tearfully admits and explains that it was because he was hungry. Understanding but firm, Mandira advises Gayatri to refrain from approaching Shiv in the future.

He is my son, Gayatri says. Ragunath shouts, but he is not your son. You took away life from him, he won’t die hungry, but he will die of your shadow. Shiv will be happy again in his life, so I want you to stay away from everyone. If you don’t stay away, I’ll make a decision for you. Even God will praise me for punishing you. He leaves. Bagumaa tells Gayatri that she took Shiv from him, but then she keeps creating scenes. She leaves.

Upon leaving, Mandira’s husband advised her not to create any unnecessary commotion for her to handle. Mandira then spoke to Gayatri, reminding her that despite the mistakes of the past, she understands her as a mother and wants everyone to move on. However, she expressed her disappointment at Gayatri’s actions and urged her to be grateful for being able to see Shiv. Mandira warned that if Gayatri continues to make mistakes, Ragunath may push her away from Shiv. Reassuring Gayatri, she offered her support and even mentioned cooking kheer for Shiv. Gayatri hugged Mandira and acknowledged that Shiv would be lost without her. In return, Mandira hugged Gayatri and slyly remarked that she will always take care of Shiv and nothing will happen in his life without her approval.

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