Shiv Shakti (Zee) 24th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Mandira’s Devious Plans

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 24th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shakti looks at Shiv and glares. Her response is to listen. Shiv hugs her tightly and smiles. He says you are great. Your family is lucky to have you. You can trust Mandira to marry Keertan and Rimjhim. It would be best if you didn’t worry about Keertan now. The confusion is apparent so we can prepare for their wedding, and he leaves. Shakti says I can’t even tell him that Mandira is behind everything.

She says I cannot let it happen. Guruji says only Shakti can expose you; she can uncover the past that you kept hidden. Guruji says, then snatch her strength and Shiv away from her. Get them married and separate them only on their wedding night. She says I have already brought her sister on my side, and I will now make her Chachi against her.

She tears, telling herself that she shouldn’t have insulted Dadi. She beats herself up, telling herself I misbehaved without thinking. Chacha stops her from doing so. Manorama says I spoiled everything for my daughters. Chacha thinks you should have been careful. She says I made a mistake. He says don’t worry, if he is in Shakti’s fate, it will happen. Manorama prays to the Lord. Chacha leaves.

Shakti says Shiv and I can’t get married, so stop thinking about it. Manorama says, “You two love each other; he just doesn’t know it yet.” She says she doesn’t want to marry someone who doesn’t love her. Perhaps Shiv will find another lover, and he will be happy. I know you like him, but he doesn’t like me.

Nothing is wrong with me, but if my love is not complete, I cannot marry him. I want to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor. She leaves. She says she wants to wipe my tears when she is hurt. Rimjhim says you don’t care about me enough. Manorama says I want you to get your love. Rimjhim says come with me. She drives away with her on a scooter. Shakti notices that.

Rimjhim brings Manorama to a godown. Shakti calls her, but she cuts it off. Manorama asks, “What is this place?” Rimjhim says trust me. Rimjhim leaves her there. Manorama sees Mandira enter. Mandira replies, “I called you here.”. Shiv is making a cake when Shakti asks if he knows where Rimjhim and Manorama are. Shakti says I don’t know where they have gone. Shiv says nobody can stand before your Chachi, so don’t worry. Shiv says I am not feeling well.

Manorama falls at Mandira’s feet and cries… She says I’m sorry. Mandira smirks and thinks I wish Shakti were here to see this. Manorama says, “Please forgive me.” She picks up Mandira and says, “Please don’t say that.” Her daughters ask for forgiveness. Mandira says a misunderstanding occurred. The guard comes to tell Shakti that Mandira is out of the house. Shakti thinks, what if she is plotting something to fool Rimjhim-Manorama?

Mandira updates Manorama on the situation, expressing her agreement with Rimjhim and Keertan’s proposal. Meanwhile, Shakti attempts to contact Manorama, but before she can answer, Mandira ends the call. She explained that she wanted them to converse before anyone else was informed. As mothers ourselves, I hope you can empathize with my stance. Your words were disrespectful towards my mother-in-law – who holds a significant position in our household and is akin to our God. Given this, it is impossible for us to consider your daughter a potential match for our family. Manorama becomes emotional and pleads with Mandira, who then clarifies that her previous statements deeply hurt them and that she would not accept Rimjhim under these circumstances. Manorama appeals again, but Mandira brings up another complication involving Shakti. This leaves Manorama looking conflicted.

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