Dabangii 21st December 2023 Written Episode Update: Ankush and Arya’s Emotional Turmoil

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The Episode starts with Arya playing with Eklavya. He runs home. She decides not to go home and sit outside. Satya meets the minister. She gives him advice on image building. He said don’t worry, we will handle this well, and I will take over the education ministry. She says, “Good, my daughter Ankita will do the inauguration.”

He says the constituency is mine, and the decision will be mine. She says the party is mine. Your name is linked to child trafficking. Ankita and I will clean your name. We defamed Ankush. It would be best if you cleaned up the blame. Let me plan and follow the orders. Satya tells him there will be something good done, and he nods. He leaves.

Bela is covered in an Ankush shawl. He said it was his favorite shawl, so I decided to come. He thanks her and says listen to me once. Zai and I were living a lie, our relation, house and family were all illusion, how did you hide this from us? She cries. She says your lie ruined everything, Zai and I will stay here, you will stay there, this is the fate now. He says stop, listen to me.

She goes. He sees Arya killing mosquitoes. He goes to her and gets her a mosquito coil. She keeps it. He smiles. He goes home. Baba says it is late. Call Arya. She will not come on our command but will go once she believes she has no other safer place than this house, as Bela and Zai are mine, and Arya is mine. He sees Arya.

Arya says I’m not scared of all these things; she gets worried. Ankush and Baba act and go inside. Arya hides and goes inside. They smile.

On the sofa, Arya sleeps. As Ankush says, she will return. She knows this is her home. Baba smiles and says I hope the day comes soon. Arya and Zai remain together here, unaware of their relationship. Zai screams, seeing Kasturi. Kasturi says it’s me, Kasturi, it’s a face mask. Zai wants water. Maina screams, seeing Kasturi. She removes the mask. She says Arya isn’t like Ankush, and he is doing this for her sake. Zai watches.

I am sure Bela will not tell anyone the truth about Arya and Satya, once you gain her trust, she will handle all the situation. Baba says Bela is sensible, tells her the truth about Arya and Satya, and won’t let anyone ruin it. I should tell her everything now before things get out of hand, Ankush says. His next step is to cover Arya with a blanket. She asks why you lied to me. You don’t like me, and I know you don’t want me either. He holds her tightly and thinks I will make everything acceptable. I promise I will get Bela home. He kisses her and leaves.

In the morning, Arya sees Baba and Ankush. She thinks Ankush might have felt I was scared so that she will show him. She takes aarti. She says she came back because she pitied you, knowing you loved me a lot and were worried about me. Yes, Baba says, I had a peaceful night because of your presence. Thanks, you value me a lot. I’m not afraid of anyone.

Ankush says enough, come and have breakfast. Arya says I’ll take care of myself. Baba says don’t get angry, he’ll say sorry. Baba insists. Ankush apologizes to Arya. Let’s be friends. Arya recalls his words. She says never. Baba asks Ankush to go to duty. Ankush says okay and leaves. Arya eats the food Baba asks her to.

As he explains to her, he urges her not to get angry. She says I cannot control my anger. He says you can, but promise me you won’t get angry. She promises. She says I will meet Eklavya in the garden. Satya asks Jaanrao to tell the lines. He practices the speech. He gets angry at his drama. Bela says all the orphanage kids are coming. Satya says excellent.

In response to Kasturi’s question, Satya says I should come. Ankush says, “Listen to me once, Bela.” Bela says he is busy, so there’s nothing left to say. He says, “Listen to me once.” Arya calls out Eklavya. Ankush sees her. Bela leaves. Ankush thinks something happens that Bela’s doubt grows deep, how do I tell her that Arya’s not my daughter?


Ankush is shocked when Arya tells him Zai is inside. Bela asks where Zai is. Arya replies Zai is inside.

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