Drama Unfolds in 6th November 2023 Episode: Secrets Exposed as Pankhuri’s Deception Unravels | Written Update


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Rajeev presents Anju with curd, which is considered auspicious for her upcoming client meeting. Poonam offers to accompany her if any issues arise. However, Anju declined due to the language barrier she may face. Sumeet notices Poonam’s disappointment and tries to uplift her spirits. Meanwhile, Poonam asks for Pankhuri’s whereabouts as Dr Khurana will be visiting for a diagnosis. Pankhuri arrives and explains that she went to see Dr Sharma for a medication change and cannot meet with Dr Khurana.

Poonam asks Sumeet if she has any misunderstandings about Pankhuri. Sumeet denies it and denies Dr. Khurana to come. Shlok gathers all his family members and says he has bought gifts for Diwali. As he shows the decorative items, firecrackers, and personal gifts, Dadi asks Shlok where Sumeet’s gift is, and Priyanka teases, “He must have bought something special, and he will give it to her when they are alone.” Shlok tells her to close her eyes and puts Sumeet on the new dress.

While holding it, Sumeet accidentally dropped the item onto a diya, resulting in an oily stain. Remembering Poonam’s advice that talcum powder can remove oil stains, she asks Shlok for some from Pankhuri’s room. However, nothing comes out when they try to pour it on the stain. Upon opening the bottle, they discover that it is filled with medicine. Sumeet explains that the medicine belongs to Pankhuri and reassures Shlok that she is not unwell. She then implores him to help her uncover the truth before any other family members suffer a significant loss. Initially hesitant, Shlok eventually agrees after Sumeet requests to speak with Dr Sharma in their signature style.

Upon returning home, Poonam eagerly inquires about Anju’s meeting. Soon after, the client arrives and announces they will entrust their wedding project to their company. However, they stipulate that Poonam must be in charge of all the events. The client hands an advance cheque to Poonam, leaving Anju feeling deflated. As Poonam tries to offer the cheque to her, Anju departs from the scene. Sumeet and Shlok arrive at Dr Sharma’s clinic disguised, expressing doubts about whether this person can complete their task. She even puts on a show of arguing with Shlok for good measure.

Shlok shows Dr Sharma a lot of money, and she falls for it. Sumeet asks Dr Sharma if she can make fake reports of illness. Sumeet tells her to show them any fake reports she has made because she will get lakhs for it. She shows them the Ram Gali file she created for Pankhuri.

Anju tells Poonam that her client likes her work, so she should keep the client in check with herself. The latter makes Anju understand, asking her to smile. Shlok gets angry with Dr Sharma but recalls how Pankhuri had already warned her that Shlok and Sumeet were coming there for an inquiry. Shlok blames Raj and scolds Sumeet for doubting Pankhuri at the end of the episode.

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