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Meet in a wrestling arena. Manmeet walks up and asks, do you want lassi? Meet asks, what are you planning? Manmeet replies I bought you a gift. Shagun walks in with the gift. Meet asks what it is. Manmeet says this is your wrestling uniform. Meet looks at the uniform and asks what it is. Manmeet says you can’t wrestle in a suit, you need a uniform for that. Meet asks how you thought I would wear this.

In your opinion, men and women are equal, so why shouldn’t the uniforms be the same, so that you can wrestle? There is a dispute between Manmeet and Shagun. Meet says he won’t wear this uniform and throw it. Manmeet picks it up and says you will wrestle in this uniform, and if you don’t show up, everyone will call you a coward and give it to her. Meet takes the box. Shagun says to Jasodha you know Meet was numb when Manmeet handed over her wrestling costume, it was good. Manmeet says Meet will do something, I’m sure. Meet walks in front of Manmeet in a wrestling costume.

The three men are shocked after seeing her. Meet tells everyone to wear uniforms no matter what their profession is and asks everyone what they are looking at. Now I’m going to roam around the whole village in this uniform and I won’t have any problems and if anyone asks me, I’ll say Manmeet asked me to wear it, so I did and I’m going out. Meet says okay and that next time please get pink colour for me and walks away. Shagun says to Jasodha I’m scared that Meet wins the match. Jasodha asks what you mean.

As they walk through the market, Meet notices Anuja and Sundari. Sundari tells Anuja we have to take care of one thing; no one should know we come from Sarkar’s family. Chanda walks up to Meet and says, “Come with me. Manmeet made a big mess.

Everyone sees the poster of Meet and Manmeet’s wrestling match. Manmeet sees Meet with Chanda. When Manmeet announces the match and invites everyone to see Meet defeated in the next two days, he looks at Meet and says you’ll have to leave Sarkarpur for once when you’re lost. When Meet asks Chanda what he thinks of the situation now, she wants to know how he will get his papers back.

Shagun asks Jasodha how she was able to lift 100kg and punch the sack. Sarkar gives Jasodha her cash and asks her to keep it in a safe. He walks away. I am also worried that Manmeet has made a mistake by accepting the challenge. Shagun says if Manmeet loses, then he will not step back in the arena and what will happen to his Olympic dream? She gives Sapna medicine in the room, and Gunwanti gets shocked. Everyone rushes to find out what is wrong. Gunwanti says I smell cigarette. Imarti, holding a cigarette, is shocked. Jasodha says Mahendra must be nearby. Gunwanti says no, he has already left.

Imarti put down the cigarette and threw it towards the Chula and hides. Mahendra asked for water. Jasodha smelled Mahendra and walked towards the kitchen. She found a cigarette bud near the Chula and picked it up. Imarti saw her pick it up and left. When Jasodha leaves, he says, “I found this bud with a lipstick mark, so now the women in the house smoke,” and asks everyone to come forward. Jasodha calls everyone. Imarti gets scared and leaves. Jasodha smells everyone one by one and asks where Sundari and Anuja are. Imarti says she’ll call them.

During a visit to the doctor’s clinic, Sundari and Anuja are told by the doctor that Anuja will turn into a boy after undergoing the sex change operation. The doctor shows them pictures of Anuja. Sundari says to Anuja, “I will become a boy for you.”. Anuja agrees. The doctor tells them that they should think once before getting operated on because after the operation their life will change. Sundar replies, “That’s exactly what we want to happen.” The doctor says that we will make arrangements and you will need 7 lakhs.

The doctor said we need to do the arrangement as soon as possible because Dr Andrew can perform this operation and he will only be here for two days once he leaves, the operation will be postponed. Sundari says we’ll have to act fast in these next two days. Anuja asks how we will arrange 2 more lakhs. Sundari says don’t worry, I’ll handle it.

As Imarti walks to Jasodha, she shows her the cigaret box she found in Sundari Chachi’s shawl and says I think she was smoking. Jasodha gets shocked by the box and calls Sundari.

Upon meeting Manmeet, Jasodha says every woman in this house has changed since Meet came, and Sundari has started smoking. Manmeet says Meet is smoking, and I saw her putting down a cigarette.

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