Meet 29th January 2023 Written Update


Sarkar comes towards Jasodha with a stick. Jasodha is scared. Sarkar asks why did you go. Jasodha answers that she went to buy stuff for Shagun’s wedding. Sarkar says no, you teased her, you don’t know what she’s thinking.

Meet in her room says there is something I am missing. Raj walks up to Meet and says here is the dress Babita sent you to try. She asks to meet why you look tense. Meet says in Sarkarpur, nothing happens without Sarkar’s consent. Manmeet comes in between Sarkar and Jasodha to save her. Everyone is shocked. Sarkar’s men come to hit Manmeet, but Sarkar hits him and tells everyone he is my son. Manmeet smirks.

Meet tells Raj Sarkar not to do anything without a reason and Shagun is also getting married on the same day. I think everything is connected but there’s something I’m missing. Manmeet takes blessings from Jasodha and hugs her. Sarkar welcomes Manmeet in his palace and tells everyone he is my third son, Manmeet. Sarkar tells everyone he is Chotay Sarkar, my youngest son. Jasodha tells how, because of a fatal disease, she had to send Manmeet to her Granny’s for 24 years.

Jasodha walks up to Manmeet and gets emotional, hugs him and begins crying. After listening to you, Raj tells Meet I also feel weird, and I don’t understand why you should marry Manmeet. Meet says I don’t understand the connection.

According to Manmeet, I will bring Meet as a one-day bride and throw her at my mother’s feet and make her beg for forgiveness and punish her on every breath so that she will never forget who Bapu Sarkar is forever. All these women who support her will bury this thought and cheer in the name of Bapu Sarkar, and if Bapu Sarkar says I will bury Meet in this grave as well.

When Imarti asks him how he cut his hand, Manmeet replies that if he cuts his hand, he will choke her to death and shows that his hand is still intact.

When I saw the picture of her dead husband, I was shocked to see a resemblance to Manmeet and knew that even God wanted to punish her. Bapu Sarkar says I’m so proud of my son. We planned all this and thought she would accept him; however, she was a strong player and did not fall for any scheme. In the end, Manmeet’s trick succeeded, her guilt made her accept our plan, and she was entangled in it.

As Meet tells Raj, I cannot digest all this. Babita walks in and says you haven’t overcome your past yet, so this is a good decision for you and Manmeet. Babita asks Chanda to make sure Meet tries the dress before leaving. You are so lucky that you found someone like Manmeet in Sarkarpur. You shouldn’t think so much about Manmeet because he is very nice.

Jashoda tells everyone that this news shouldn’t go outside this palace and that if anyone does, they will be damned. Manmeet’s sister hears all this and decides to tell Meet the truth.

She asks Chanda to plant a small camera in Sarkarpur with her husband’s help. Chanda says I would go myself, but until Shagun’s wedding, everyone is forbidden from entering or leaving, and only family members are allowed to attend Shagun’s wedding. Meet becomes suspicious and leaves.

Jashoda hugs Manmeet and tells him to go and get Haldi without Chotu’s knowledge. Bapu Sarkar warns Manmeet to be careful of Meet because she is very smart. Manmeet agrees and leaves. Manmeet is leaving Bapu Sarkar’s house through the back door. Meet sneaks in. Meet sees Manmeet and wonders what he is doing.


The Haldi function for Manmeet and Meet is on. Manmeet asks Meet where she is. Meet says she is thinking about why Bapu Sarkar is having a close wedding for Shagun. Shagun disguises herself as a dancer and dances at the function. Manmeet sees her and becomes tense.

Shagun is stopped by Meet after he becomes suspicious.

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