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Meet 16th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Sumeet is given a short amount of time to persuade her family to join Shagun’s task in her room. She hopes for divine intervention. Rajiv accidentally spills water causing a loose wire to shock Mayra. Sumeet quickly reacts and urges Rajiv to shut off the main fuse. Despite Rajiv’s difficulty with the fuse box, they are able to rescue Mayra with Sumeet’s quick thinking and Shlok’s help.

As Shlok carries Sumeet, she cradles Mayra. Using this opportunity, Sumeet demonstrates to her family the power of unity in overcoming Shagun’s difficulties. To motivate them, she presents them with Kesar laddoo from the temple. She clarifies that the saffron tilak found on the laddoo allows her to identify which group her family members belong to by its unique fragrance. As this is happening, Abhay overhears Vani on a call and becomes distressed upon learning about his infertility and suspected infidelity.

Vani confronts Abhay about the call and expresses his anger at her not prioritizing him. Masoom intervenes, supporting Vani and insisting she will not tolerate Abhay’s mistreatment. Vani suspects that Shagun has caused misunderstandings in their relationship and vows not to let Shagun succeed.

Shagun mocks Sumeet for her family’s alleged cowardice at the Independence Day program as she arrives alone. When Shlok’s entire family arrives, Shagun is stunned, as all of them have applied saffron to their bodies, as Sumeet suggested. Shagun is taken aback by their commitment to servitude on Independence Day. She covers Sumeet’s eyes and ears and instructs her men to put the family members in the drums.

Poonam fearlessly confronts Shagun, proclaiming that honesty will ultimately triumph. While all of the family, except for Shlok, is confined in drums, Shagun notifies Shlok that they are missing one drum and he must stay out. Shlok is bound and positioned on a chair. Shagun exposes Shlok’s situation and Sumeet gets ready to commence her challenge. Despite failing to identify her family members through saffron fragrance due to Shagun’s tactic of spraying it in the air, Sumeet remains determined not to betray her family’s faith and disappoint Shlok.

They have been called for their first ultrasound, Viani informs Abhay. However, Abhay refuses to accept the baby. Shagun then announces that saffron will fill the air, shocking Sumeet as her plan appears to have failed. Sumeet wrestles between upholding her family’s trust and the video evidence of Akki in pain shown by Shagun. She is left unsure of what to do next.


Sumeet says it’s your game, with your rules, but we’ll win the game because we’ve completed our first task. The second task Shagun gives her is to find the traitor from these pictures. Sumeet responds that no one in his family will join hands with you. Shagun tells him to open his eyes and find the traitor from these pictures.


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