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Anupama written update

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As her father-in-law/FIL, Vanraj cannot scold Dimpy after an extent and he would have slapped her if she was his daughter. Anuj tells Ankush he did wrong. Barkha says Ankush spoils an already spoilt boy. Ankush asks if he shouldn’t love his son. Anuj says he was giving money instead, correcting a boy who is wrong is a part of love.

Ankush points out that Romil isn’t a typical child. Anuj retorts that this doesn’t excuse his misbehavior towards others; Ankush should empathize with Romil’s issues and guide him instead of indulging him further. He suggests Ankush should take on a more authoritative parental role, being firm to steer his son onto the right path. Dimpy erupts, suggesting violence against those speaking the truth. She criticizes Anupama for marrying into wealth while they struggle to make ends meet. Dimpy highlights Vanraj’s challenges, including having a child with his second wife at his age, Leela’s incessant troubling behavior, and Hasmukh’s laziness. Anupama reacts by slapping Dimpy hard, the sound echoing in her ears as she falls onto Samar.

Ankush agrees with Anuj’s point of view, but also acknowledges that there may be some validity to the concerns raised by his son, who is upset over his mother leaving him. Barkha and Adhik have been causing trouble for the son and if Ankush were to get involved, it may give him the perception that the whole world is against him. Adhik expresses his frustration with Romil and suggests they can no longer tolerate him. In response, Ankush advises against it. However, their discussion is interrupted by Barkha’s outburst as she questions Ankush’s and his mistress’ morals. This prompts a heated exchange between Ankush and Barkha. Anuj intervenes and reminds Ankush that he was wrong to interfere in Romil’s issues as he was trying to offer financial help, which could be used against him by Romil. Ankush reassures them that he is not naive like Romil and knows how to handle any situation.

Leela mocks Dimpy, suggesting that she consult Anupama Ahmedabadwali to make her face flush with embarrassment. When Samar tries to speak up, Anupama issues a warning that she will smack him 101 times if he interrupts. She reminds Dimpy that she won’t stay silent if anyone insults her parents; though she didn’t want to come here, she can’t tolerate any disrespect towards her parents. She adds that she will only visit them during festivals if both Samar and Dimpy change their ways. Anupama advises Dimpy to reflect on her self-centered behavior and think about how the family has welcomed and supported her, while questioning what she has done for them. She turns to Samar for an answer, but he remains silent. Despite this, Anupama continues to harshly reprimand Dimpy. Toshu and Kinjal add that Malti Devi only used them as pawns against Anupama before abandoning them. However, Anupama confidently states that if she can stand up to her own mentor for the sake of her children, then she is certainly capable of standing up to her own children as well.

The argument between Barkha and Ankush continues. Anuj warns them to stop and says that they and Shahs won’t allow him and Anupama to leave peacefully. In order to keep Romil here, he tells Anuj he must teach him discipline and good morale; he warns all 3 of them to stop wasting their time in unnecessary conspiracies and focus on their work; he is silent, but he knows what they did; he will meet with them one-on-one. Hearing that tenses Barkha and Adhik.

Dimpy replies to Anupama’s question about whether she thinks this family and house are right for her. When Anupama tells her that she and her husband should pack their bags and leave the house, she says Kavya, Mr Shah, Toshu have been punished and even Anupama is being punished by Malti Devi for her mistakes; they will also be punished and should leave the house immediately.

Dimpy insists they won’t leave without their rightful share of the property. Leela and Hasmukh question why she would want to divide the family home. Kavya and Toshu recall their previous unsuccessful attempt to claim their share. Hasmukh reminds everyone that this house is his and Anupama is his daughter, giving her the authority to make decisions. Dimpy threatens legal action if they are not given what they are owed, arguing that Anupama, as an outsider, cannot just kick them out. Vanraj turns to Samar for his opinion, but Samar hesitantly declines to comment on the matter, seemingly bound by his loyalty to his wife.

Anupama is devastated after learning about the division of property. Anuj introduces Pakhi to the marketing department, which disappoints Adhik and Barkha. They express concern that their happy home will soon be disrupted, as first it was Pakhi, then Anuj, followed by Anupama and now Romil joining the household. They fear that Pakhi will manipulate Anuj into evicting them from their own house. Adhik vows to take action against Pakhi. Meanwhile, Dimpy continues her demanding behavior for a share of the property. In an effort to prevent her late father’s dream from being shattered, Anupama refuses to let this happen. However, Dimpy suggests that she and Samar will live separately while the rest of the Shah family remains together in the house.


There will be no going without taking their share from this house and living separately. Anupama says they will separate their laundry, grocery bill, etc.

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