Agnisakshi 17th April 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 17th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

During the episode, Satvik asks Sukanya what he plans to do. Sukanya says they won’t make their damad work. Swara asks him to roll the roti. Jeevika shows him how to do it. He rolls the roti. Sukanya claims to have made a round roti. Swara asks him to make a ring. He makes one. The two are happy and joyful while playing with flour. Pradeep watches.

Shlok arrives at Manohar’s house to give Satvik some clothes, and mentions his plan to take her photo. Tensions arise as Jeevika sides with Shlok while Satvik takes Swara’s side, resulting in a heated argument. Sukanya calls Pradeep for help with tomorrow’s puja, but he declines due to being upset about the division within the group. Pallavi intervenes and tries to distract Pradeep from his troubles. Concerned, Sukanya asks what is bothering him, to which Pallavi reveals that it is financial stress at home. Pallavi advises Sukanya not to question Satvik about the situation.

Sukanya goes to Satvik. Satvik says I am thankful to you, for taking care of me so much. He asks if you are worried. She asks if things are okay between Jeevika and you. She says you respect a mother, so don’t lie. He is asked to swear on her and told that Jeevika and him would always be together.

Aadhya asks Shlok to send Jeevika’s birthday photos. Shlok says later. Aadhya says you’re dating on App. Juhi shows up and says she’s ready to date. Shlok says he’s ready to date on App, not to her. In Juhi’s words, I forgot that your brothers like simple girls like Jeevika, and she said Jeevika will soon forget to return here. She asks him to remember her name, and she leaves. Satvik asks Sukanya to speak.

Jeevika goes there and listens to Satvik before leaving. He firmly declares that he will always speak the truth, even if it means not being with her. The couple plans for their future together as Jeevika suddenly lets out a loud scream, pretending to have tripped. Everyone rushes over to help her, with Satvik scolding her for being careless and asking if she wants the stairs removed. Jeevika playfully agrees and Swara comments on how their arguments are endearing. Satvik then tends to Jeevika’s injured hand and Sukanya reassures Pallavi that their love is genuine. As he wraps the bandage, Satvik questions if Jeevika purposely fell down and urges her to be honest with him. However, she denies any intention of doing so.

Satvik asks for Jeevika’s help in avoiding their mother’s questions. He points out that he is good at lying, but Jeevika admits she has been lying since their marriage. She reflects that if she had told the truth, their mother would have found out. It’s a tough choice, whether to tell the truth and break a mother’s heart or keep quiet. Satvik adds that while Jeevika has fallen down from the stairs, he has fallen out of sight and everyone’s attention. But Jeevika assures him that she will always be there to support him and make sure he doesn’t fall in anyone’s eyes. Just then, Jhanvi and Swara arrive and ask if they can sleep there too. Satvik agrees, but Swara jokes and says she will just go to sleep. Jhanvi decides they should all sleep together and Satvik chimes in with the same idea. When Jhanvi asks who will tell her a story, Satvik suggests their aunt can do it. However, when Aunt Jhanvi requests for him to tell the story instead, both he and Jeevika happily oblige by telling the tale of a King and Queen.

Jhanvi rises in the morning and exits the room, leaving Satvik and Jeevika still asleep, entwined together. Sukanya grows impatient with Manohar’s delay and he finally presents her with a garland of flowers for herself and the girls. At this point, Satvik and Jeevika awaken and begin to move about. While Jeevika goes to give medicine to their father, Satvik makes a joke about waking up the rooster. Jeevika laughs and goes on her way while Satvik follows her shortly after. Once everyone is gathered, Sukanya hands out garlands with Swara asking how Jeevika will be able to wear hers without help from her husband, who she playfully refers to as “jiju.” In response, Satvik lovingly helps Jeevika put on her garland, which she graciously thanks him for. Pradeep then expresses his desire to speak with Satvik.


Jeevika tries to call Satvik, but his phone is off. Dada tells her not to worry. Jeevika remembers Satvik saying I love to Supriya.

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