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Agnisakshi 5th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with Satvik shouting and asking Jeevika to come. Shlok says Bhabhi will come. Satvik says Jeevika will come, I know, and says that she will not be here because she is afraid of heights. Perhaps she fell from the mountain. He shouts Jeevika. Lata brings Narayan to the bench and makes him sit. He asks her to calm down. Satvik slaps him and says I swear to protect her, she must be elsewhere, and I will search for her.

Narayan reminds us to search for her, emphasizing that she is more than just a bahu – our daughter. With Utkarsh found and Jeevika missing, his concern turns to Satvik, who he knows cannot bear to be without his wife. The thought of our family being torn apart pains him deeply. Lata tries to reassure him, but Juhi watches on anxiously. In a desperate attempt to find Jeevika, Satvik contacts the Police Inspector and inquires about any updates. Unfortunately, the inspector explains that according to a witness, Jeevika may have fallen into the dangerous jungle nearby; it is too risky for them to search at night. Unwilling to give up hope, Satvik pleads with the inspector to continue searching for her.

As the Inspector explained, the forest department does not give permission to go into the dense forest, and he apologized and told her that there was no chance that she would be alive after falling from such a height. Juhi smiles happily. Narayan asks Satvik to handle himself. Satvik says I am sure that Jeevika is alive, just like I am sure that God is there. He says I will search for her. They arrive at the farmhouse near the temple.

Manas comes to Satvik and says Uncle said you didn’t have anything and asks him to bring something for him. Jeevika tells Satvik she won’t get found yet, and the police say she won’t be found. Satvik shouts enough and says you’re my friend, so you’ll listen to me. Jeevika will return, he says, because we got married recently and twice, and we’ll stay together for 14 years. He says she’ll come back to me.

Lata informs Narayan that Aadhya had just recently fallen asleep and was crying. She mentions how Jeevika used to take care of her like a mother. Narayan expresses his confusion about why God would test her in this way. Satvik agrees and suggests they stay at the temple until Jeevika is found, as it is nearby. At that moment, Sukanya, Pradeep, and Swara arrive. Lata asks if Narayan had informed them, but he responds with a no. Sukanya then shared that she had an ominous dream about Jeevika last night and couldn’t get through to her on the phone, which prompted her to come over. Juhi is about to interject but stops when she sees Narayan’s disapproving look.

Lata asks Pradeep if everything is okay, and she says Jeevika went to the temple. Swara says I will meet Jiju. Lata says he went to the office. Swara says I will meet Aadhya. Lata says she is sleeping. Sukanya speaks to Lata. Pradeep tells Swara that something is wrong and that she will investigate. Satvik tells Manas he won’t lie to Aai and will tell her that Jeevika will return. Shlok and Manas are cheered up, and he says she will arrive soon.

Swara inquires about Aai’s well-being, then turns to Satvik and questions what they are discussing. She also checks on Tai, insisting that he reveal the truth. Meanwhile, Juhi beams with excitement as everyone listens. She predicts an entertaining turn of events. Swara urges Satvik to confess while Pradeep questions her abrupt tone. Noticing their deceptive behavior, Swara accuses them of withholding information about Tai. Sukanya questions why they would deceive them, but Swara maintains that she overheard Tai admitting he couldn’t lie to them. Pradeep reminds them that they claimed Jeevika went to the temple and demanded to know her whereabouts now.

Sukanya turns to Satvik and urges him to speak up. Juhi then chimes in, informing them that Jeevika is no longer with them. A wave of shock spreads through the group. Sukanya slaps Juhi and questions her knowledge of what she’s saying. Juhi assumes a solemn expression, much to everyone’s dismay. Sukanya looks back at Satvik, pleading for him to confirm that it’s all just a lie. Satvik chooses not to respond and closes his eyes.

Satvik says Aai as Sukanya falls on the bed. She gets up and says Jeevika is in the house, so let’s go. Pradeep asks Swara, where is Jeevika? Swara says Shlok told her she was in the temple. They all cry. Satvik says Sukanya hasn’t asked him for any gift until now, but she’s asking for a gift, and she wants him to give her Jeevi back to her. Satvik says Jeevika is not dead, and he will bring her back even if he has to fight with his destiny.

It takes Satvik one week to find the file and call Jeevika. Aadhya comes there and brings him breakfast. He says Jeevika Vahini. Satvik says she is now showing his face to me, and I will also not show my face to her. Aadhya asks him for food. Satvik says I will eat after Jeevika returns.


In a prayer to God, Satvik asks him to return his Jeevika.

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