Kumkum Bhagya 6th February 2024 Written Episode Update: RV Threatens to Destroy Poorvi’s Life!

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Kumkum Bhagya 6th February 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode starts with RV accusing Khushi of being seen with Poorvi and Armaan during the accident. He questions her decision to care for Poorvi instead of Armaan. Later, he noticed her once again with Poorvi at the pandal. He admits to intentionally creating chaotic situations to be there for Khushi whenever she needs help. This included orchestrating riots and getting trapped in the house with her. His man took a video of them and sent it to their neighbors and Ashutosh. RV then claims to have acted as Poorvi’s savior when others criticized her, even filling her maang with kumkum as a symbol of protection.

Poorvi, Prachi, and the police knock on Khushi’s door to ask if she is there. RV says he won’t let you ruin his plan. Khushi pushes him and runs. She collides with the wall and faints. RV looks shocked. Just then, he sees Poorvi, Prachi, and others coming there. RV tells them five goons fought with Khushi, and she fainted. He says he ran behind them, but they fled. The constable checks and says they have fled.

The inspector announces that they have caught one of the suspects. Prachi then instructs Poorvi to accompany RV to the police station. Upon arrival, the inspector explained that Armaan had reported the incident over the phone, but a written complaint was needed. He asks Armaan to file a formal complaint. RV notices Satyendra and requests to speak with him privately. He questions him about his involvement in Khushi’s kidnapping and reminds him not to say anything incriminating as he will be bailed out in the morning. RV pretends to hit him to convince Satyendra. The police intervene and assure that they will handle it from there. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Poorvi expresses how fortunate she feels to have RV by her side. They depart from the scene shortly after.

The family members scold Yug for not informing them about RV and Poorvi. Prachi asks Khushi to rest in a semiconscious state. Diya says she is in her sasural. Prachi tells Khushi to rest. Jaswant sent him to his room. Harman says Yug doesn’t know Khushi is Poorvi’s sister, whom RV loved greatly. RV’s Bhabhi says Yug shouldn’t know everything. Poorvi and RV arrive. Damini ask RV why you started so soon. RV says, “I know it is wrong.”

Harleen asks Poorvi why RV says such things. Poorvi says sorry and says my sister Khushi…Harleen asks her to go. Harman asks her to go to her room and says we want to talk to RV. Harman asks RV why he kidnapped Khushi. Harleen says you shall not do what we are not. RV says she would have ended the marriage if I hadn’t kidnapped Khushi. Damini says Khushi now knows that RV and Rajvansh are the same.

Vikram says she will try her best to save Khushi. RV says she can’t save her. RV walks into Poorvi’s room, forcibly removes her dupatta, and pushes her onto the bed.


Harleen and Damini dislike the halwa made by Poorvi. RV looks at Poorvi, who is standing quietly.

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