Kumkum Bhagya 14th March 2023 Written Update

Constable asks Balbir what he is doing here. He takes him with him. Laali calls Khushi and asks where he is dying? Khushi tells Juhi’s mother that Maayi is angry and shouting at her. Juhi’s mother instructs her not to tell Laali that she gave her phone to her, not to call the police, and not to tell her that I have brought you here. She gives her phone and goes.

She collides with constable and argues with him. Laali asks Khushi if she died. Khushi says she is outside the police station. Laali tells her to go there, otherwise she will break both her hands and legs. Taking Khushi’s hand, she says Ranbir came to my house because of you. She asks who tells outsiders about house matters.

Balbira is in jail because of him, and I am here crying. She says I have done so much for you, but now you have killed me. I don’t want to live, my daughter betrayed me. Laali hugs her to calm her, and kisses her cheeks. She says that she is her daughter, we are each other’s support, and that Balbira is our support. She says we will go in and free him. Khushi says she won’t lie and tells her that Balbira didn’t do anything. She also asks her to tell that Ranbir beat her and Balbira fought with him for her.

Khushi says he didn’t beat me, he just wanted Balbir to apologize to me so that he wouldn’t beat me again. Laali says you just need to say Balbira didn’t do anything and Ranbir beat her. You have to say this, even if it is a lie, otherwise I will leave you forever, and the child traffickers will take you and cut off your hands and feet. When she asks her to think about what Maayi can do to her, she threatens to beat her. She asks if she wants to stay with me and tells her to tell the police that Ranbir beat her.

Ranbir asks Inspector if he can make a phone call. He calls his landline at home. Pallavi and Dida come there. Pallavi asks who is calling in this mobile era. Dida questions why people keep their phones. Ranbir calls again and says I will throw the landline once I reach home. Dida tells Pallavi to pick up the call. Pallavi picks up the call, but the call gets disconnected. Pallavi keeps the receiver incorrectly.

Dida asks Pallavi why Ranbir hasn’t come. Laali tells Khushi that Ranbir has beaten her daughter so much. Pallavi smiles at Balbir. She says Vikram came and slept. She says I slept just four hours. Pallavi says you’re old, but not others. Dida says whoever called will message me. Balbir asks Inspector to see how he is talking to me, and threatening me. Ranbir says don’t come between Khushi and me. Pallavi says she feels strange. Ranbir asks Khushi not to cry.

Khushi says he didn’t beat me, but Balbir beat her hard. Khushi says Balbir slapped me hard, and had beaten Maayi as well. Balbir asks Khushi to tell the truth. Ranbir asks him not to threaten the girl. Inspector asks Constables to lock them up. Khushi tells Ranbir not to lock him up. Ranbir tells Khushi to go home and call his father and mother.

Khushi refuses to lie. Laali says if you don’t tell the truth then I won’t let you live in my house. She says I brought you up, gave you food and clothes, but don’t come here. Laali asks Inspector to leave balbir Papa since Ranbir has done everything. Khushi holds her feet and asks her not to go without her.

As Khushi falls to the ground, Prachi comes and helps her up. She asks her why she’s crying and hugs her. Naina plays. Prachi asks why you’re crying. Prachi says she will go and bring him out. Khushi asks her not to cry. Prachi goes inside the PS with Khushi, and Laali thinks Khushi went. Inspector asks if you are Ranbir Kohli’s lawyer. Prachi says no, and says she called me. Khushi says I called her.

Prachi says once I know what happened, I will call a lawyer. She says the girl has seen so much in one day. The Inspector says yes, she has seen so much and asks why people give birth. Khushi asks Prachi to promise she will get Shiv out of the lock-up. Prachi promises her and tells her Kamlesh will make you sit in her car.

Khushi sits in the car. Prachi asks Inspector to let her meet him once. Ranbir is brought to the meeting room by the constable, and Prachi is brought by the lady constable. Balbir asks why you are freeing him, he is a goon who has beaten my daughter. Balbir says he is beating me too. Ranbir tells him not to mention Khushi’s name again. Constable takes him to meet Prachi.

She says she didn’t come to meet me, and she came to see why you came here again. Ranbir asks what she meant. She asks Prachi to see his injuries and asks why you fought and when will you stop doing this. Ranbir tells Prachi that goon Balbir had slapped Khushi hard on her face and that her hand is bruised because he held it tightly. He says it might be normal for you, but not for me. I will fight for Khushi without a doubt.

The Inspector asks Prachi if Ranbir’s wife can come here as a guarantee. Ranbir says it is good she went, what does she think of herself? I don’t need her.

As his wife is here, Prachi says, I guarantee Ranbir, as I am his wife Prachi Ranbir Kohli. Khushi is surprised and happy when she hears this.

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