Kumkum Bhagya 23rd August 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

Mihika is asked to come to them by Inspector, who says we will take care of him. Mayank asks him to remain silent and warns Mihika that if she leaves him, he will cut his wrist. He tells her that he loved her so much he had never loved anyone else. He says I cheated on you, I am sorry I couldn’t understand your love, it took me a while to realize you are the best for me.

He pleads with her to stay and promises to accept everything she says. He apologizes for bringing her here unexpectedly, while she was getting engaged. He assures her that his love for her will never diminish and that he will die if she leaves. Mihika approaches him and takes the knife from his hand, surprising everyone. She then embraces him. Ranbir joins them and tells Mihika that she is making a mistake. He points out both her good and bad qualities. He also mentions that the other guy does not truly love her and is lying to her.

Asked to remain silent by Mayank, Ranbir said he knew everything and says Mayank recently found out that your father is a big business tycoon, and your brother is very wealthy, and that’s why he’s feigning love in order to snatch their wealth, and he says if you think I’m lying, his respected father told me this. He says his Papa said that his son should have been like him, they want love, but they don’t know what happened to him that he just wants money.

As the flashback scene unfolds, Prachi suggests leaving. Ranbir agrees, giving a timeline of two minutes. He then turns to Mayank’s father, inquiring about his previous statement. In response, Mayank’s father reveals that he recently learned about Mihika – his son’s first girlfriend. Ranbir discreetly records the conversation on his phone. Mayank’s father goes on to explain that his son is planning to divorce his current wife, who is a good person. Despite his efforts to dissuade him, Mayank insists on marrying Mihika – unaware that she is the daughter of London-based contractor Tandon and stands to inherit a fortune upon their marriage. With this revelation, the flashback comes to an end.

Mihika gets angry and asks Inspector to slap him. Mayank and Pradeep try to run, but police catch them. Mihika cries and hugs Manpreet. Manpreet tries to comfort Mihika.

After hugging Ranbir and crying, Mihika thanks him for saving her again, and asks if he will propose to her even now. Ranbir looks at Prachi. Prachi is sad. Ranbir says yes, I will do. Manpreet says all is well, that ends well. She says she will speak to Pandit ji, there is still mahurat. Ranbir looks at Prachi. Prachi starts walking away with him after looking at him.

As they reach home, Vishaka hugs Mihika and asks her to sit. Ashok asks how you are doing. He asks Akshay what happened? Akshay says that Mihika’s ex boyfriend kidnapped her. When Ranbir showed her video, he told him that Mayank’s father had told him that it was Mayank’s trick to trap her for money, which contradicted Manpreet’s claim that he kidnapped her and she was coming in his talks.

He doesn’t love me, Mihika says. Divya and Abhay tell her that she has been saved. Mihika thanks Ranbir, if something good happened with me, it was Ranbir who made it happen. Abhay says Tai ji also said this. Vishaka says it’s an old saying. Aryan takes Ranbir from there. Ranbir and Prachi look at each other. Akshay notices this.

After sometime, Manpreet calls everyone for the engagement. She asks Prachi if all the arrangements are done. Prachi brings the rings. She is about to collide with Ranbir and looks at him. Ranbir sits with Mihika for the engagement and looks at Prachi still. Akshay notices them. Pandit ji chants the mantras and applies the tilak to them.

As a result, he asks Mihika to make him wear a ring first. Manpreet gives her the ring. Divya says, “One second, I want to take video.” Mihika makes Ranbir wear the ring. Pandit ji then asks Ranbir to make her wear the ring. Vishaka asks Ranbir to make her wear it. When Ranbir becomes nervous, he looks at Prachi. He remembers making her wear the ring, and he places it on her finger. Everyone applauds. Prachi is also emotional as she claps.

Prachi struggles with her emotions when Divya tells her that Abhay and I want to announce something. Abhay says we have a surprise. Divya tells that they will do a song from Dream Girl 2. Ranbir says Dream Girl was good. Abhay asks her to come to the performance.

On the song dil ka telephone hai bajta ring ring, Abhay and Divya start dancing. They are joined by Mihika and Ranbir. Akshay dances with Prachi. Mihika kisses Ranbir’s cheeks while dancing. Pallavi, Manpreet, Vishaka and Shahana dance with them as well. After the group performance, Mihika holds Ranbir’s hand as she dances with him.

The song ‘Tu na hoke bhi mera’ plays as Prachi watches them dance. Mihika slips and pushes Prachi on Ranbir accidentally. Despite the fact that Prachi is trying to leave, Ranbir begins dancing with her. Akshay drinks wine and becomes upset. Everyone looks at them. Ranbir holds Prachi and they continue dancing. He sings too. Pallavi gets upset. Prachi dances with the flow and gets emotional.

As Akshay drinks more, he throws the glass at Prachi and Ranbir. Ranbir and Prachi are shocked, and so are others. Ashok asks if you’re all right? Akshay comes to Ranbir and Prachi, and keeps her hand on Ranbir’s shoulder. He keeps Ranbir’s hand on Prachi’s shoulder and the other hand on her cheek. As he tells Vishaka that this is perfect, he apologizes for not seeing your dancing, since you were so close together.

Prachi says Akshay. Akshay says I am your husband, and that I am allowing you to dance with a stranger man while getting closer to him. Everyone is shocked.


Prachi is shocked. Akshay tells her that girls like her can never get a good family. Ranbir gets angry and hits Akshay. Prachi is stunned and dismayed.


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