Teri Meri Doriyaan 8th August 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 8th August 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Kiara asks Jasleen why she told her about Inder’s daughter and Garry leaving home. Jasleen explains that she dealt with the situation on her own and didn’t want to bother Kiara. She had planned a special day for Kiara and her daughter, but their family drama ruined it. Kiara agrees with Jasleen’s decision. Jasleen suggests they go out for a party with just the two of them and their friends. However, Kiara feels tired and suggests that Seerat join them instead. Just then, Seerat enters the room at the perfect timing, as Jasleen invites her to come along for the party.

Angad passes by Sahiba and says their relationship is like these overflowing lines that can never unite. Sahiba tries to talk to him, but he walks away. He says he never wanted Sahiba in Angad’s life, but now he wants her in his life forever; Sahiba and Angad’s relationship has deteriorated since Simran entered their lives; he wants to fix this, but Anad is not willing to hear him.

She takes Seerat to the party, where her friends gossip that Seerat is the one who eloped from her wedding and married Jasleen’s son Garry. She feels alone and awkward. A friend invites Jasleen to play cards at her house. Jasleen says she will take Seerat along. The friend says that Seerat is her daughter-in-law rather than a daughter she should carry everywhere. Jasleen asks Seerat to enjoy for some time before returning to her parents.

A man noticing Jasleen offers her a drink and asks if he can give her company. She leaves with her friends. Jasleen gets heavily drunk. Seerat says her partner is coming. She calls Angad. Angad asks why she sounds drunk and where she is. She says she’s at a hotel. When Angad reaches the hotel, he hugs intoxicated Seerat and tells him her partner is coming.

Manveer takes note of Angad’s departure from the house and sees it as the perfect opportunity to carry out her plan. She then approaches Akaal and Japjyoth and persuades them by saying that Inder is blindly following Sahiba’s orders, which led him to consider adopting Simran. Curious about this information, Akaal calls Sahiba to confirm if she was aware of Inder’s decision. Sahiba replies in the negative. Upon hearing this, Akaal instructs her to convince Inder to change his mind about adopting Simran. Unable to comprehend how she could do so, Sahiba asks for guidance. Manveer then threatens that if Inder does not comply, she will divorce him. Japjyoth chimes in saying that no one has ever gotten a divorce in their household before. Finally, Akaal sternly reminds Sahiba that it is his command and she must fulfill it.


Veer and Inder are informed that Simran is missing by Sahiba. Angad returns home. Inder informs them that Simran is missing.


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