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Meet 1st July 2023 Written Episode and Written Update on

Sumeet’s hand strikes Shlok’s face, surprising Poonam. She accuses him of attempting to ruin her marriage and labels him a deceiver. Shlok remains silent as Sumeet continuously blames him for betraying her and breaking her trust once again. As she storms out, a vase falls, causing injury to Shlok’s feet. He picks up Sumeet’s watch and weeps. Poonam is determined to protect her son and promises never to allow someone like Sumeet into their home again. Throughout the commotion, Shlok and Sumeet maintain eye contact while Raj and Vani capture photos with Sumeet.

When Panhuri sees Raj talking to some business guests, she greets him. Raj invites her to sit with them, but her younger sister interrupts and informs her that Shagun is calling them. Shagun applies haldi to Abhay and Raunak. Raunak teases Shlok for failing in his plan and Shlok questions him about it.

As a result of seeing Priya with Shlok, he manipulated her into inciting Sumeet against Shlok by claiming he paid her to show photoshopped pictures of her with Raunak. It is Raunak who challenges Shlok to marry Sumeet no matter what. Shlok warns Raunak, however, to be cautious, as he loves Sumeet deeply and will do whatever it takes to protect her.

Sumeet is initially in despair over potentially losing Meet’s watch, but Shlok kindly returns it along with a note encouraging her to trust her heart. To confirm his honesty, Sumeet enlists the help of her father and friend Poonam, who both choose the same finger to indicate Shlok’s good character. Despite this, Sumeet insists on following her brain rather than her heart. This prompts Shlok’s mother to recall Sumeet’s previous slap and tenderly caress his cheeks. He offers her his hard-earned money, but she suggests he use it for clothes instead.

They tell Shlok their neighbor, Bitti, has returned and is now an air hostess. Shlok jokes that she must have demanded bitter gourd curry. Poonam wishes she would find a good girl like Bitti for Shlok. When Shlok decides to stop Raunak and Sumeet’s marriage, he gets happy. He hugs Poonam and leaves cheerfully. Sumeet notices blind children crossing the road on her way to her beauty salon appointment.

In an attempt to protect the children, Sumeet stands in the middle of the road and halts the passing vehicles. However, Shagun, who is driving while distracted by her phone, accidentally hits one of the kids. The crowd demands that she stop and when she does, Shagun hands over a bundle of money without stepping out of her car before driving off. Sumeet quickly follows her and successfully manages to make her stop. She then asks Shagun to apologize to the child, who she realizes may remember their previous encounter when Sumeet was a child. As Shagun exits her vehicle, Sumeet trembles at the sight of her past acquaintance.


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