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Shagun brings Mahendra along with her while he’s inebriated and seeks to use his vulnerable condition against both Sarkar and Meet. She tells him she’s aiding him to reclaim his rights, as Gunwanti controls the residence and Meet is expecting her penalty. At the sound of Meet’s name, Mahendra loses control and begs Shagun to stop the car. Yet, she persuades him that they can take ownership of both the property and factory if they exploit Meet’s vulnerability against them.

Shagun invites Mahendra to join her plan against Meet and he happily consents, unwaveringly determined to exact vengeance. She hopes that his being there will help her in seeking retribution. Mahendra returns home and reveals the plan to Gunwanti, asking her to take action the following day. Gunwanti cannot contain her glee as she anticipates what is to come. At that point, Meet comes in but does not witness them talking; Mahendra orders her to depart.

Despite his anger, Mahendra is still family. Meet suggests resolving the matter internally and urges him to reconsider his decision. She insists that he not do something he may later regret. The trio request her to leave the room, so she decides to tell Raj and Sumeet a story in order to help them relax. However, Manmeet enters with ice cream, making the kids instantly wake up, and they begin sharing different flavours of it with each other happily. Noticing Meet’s distress, Manmeet inquires about it.

Meet ponders how Manmeet always intuits when something is upsetting her. She proposes that Mahendra should be her business partner and joins forces with him to manage the tasks Sarkar has given her. Manmeet admires Meet’s one-of-a-kind thinking and accepts her choice. Jasodha inquires of Gunwanti as to the whereabouts of her bangles. Gunwanti performs a melodramatic scene and summons the townspeople, contending that Jasodha is deliberately attempting to make out she stole them and throw her out of the house.

Gunwanti instructs the crowd to search Jasodha’s room for the bangles, which she had stowed away under a pillow and watches as her scheme succeeds. When Meet arrives, he is taken aback by the hefty number of people present at her home. He soon catches sight of a person wearing a veil, who accuses Shagun of taking her jewellery. After pulling back the veil, Meet points his finger at Shagun for stealing the bangles and begins wailing mockingly. He then offers her tickets to America to depart from their lives forever. Taking it as an insult, Shagun attempts to retaliate by striking him but is caught in time by Meet.


Jasodha brings a quilt to rescue Gunwanti, who is trapped in a fire. Gunwanti shouts help, my mother-in-law is trying to hurt me. Jasodha stops her. Jasodha is taken with her by the police. According to Shagun, Jasodha is in jail for torturing her sister, and soon you will also be incarcerated

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