Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 24th July 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 24th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Anju sees the maid adding something to the food. She asks what is in it. Maid says we are adding protein powder to Shalini’s food. Anju likes the kitchen. She likes everything. She says this food looks healthy, I’ll take it.

Shivani slaps the maid and says Ram will not leave you for adding poison to Shalini’s food. She tells Mitali that I am adding protein powder to Shalini’s food. Shivani warns her. She tells Mitali everything. She says we have to make sure Shalini gets her doses, we have to give them to her at dinner.

There will be a lot of drama today, Shreya says. Ram comes. Shalini says we will wait for Priya to pack up. Ram says she might take a while, so we should start the puja. Shalini says I’ll wait for her, I know she won’t break her promise. He says she’s not answering. Kriti says mahurat has started, we shouldn’t wait, Priya is serious about her duties, and we should begin the puja now.

Shreya called Priya’s clinic, hearing that she had moved her appointments to her friend’s clinic; she accused her of lying. Anju thought otherwise, saying Priya was well-behaved and offered to call her. Shreya then said that if Priya answered it would be embarrassing for Ram and their family. Kriti interjected stating they should focus on the puja and Ram agreed, indicating they start the ceremony. All smiled afterwards.

Shalini waited for 5 minutes, and when Priya arrived home Ram asked her why she had neglected his family in favour of work. He questioned why he should respect his mother’s happiness if she couldn’t show the same towards him. Priya asked if there was anything else before leaving, and Anju defended her in the face of adversity. Everyone paused until Priya finally returned.

Priya apologizes for the delay, Shalini says I told you the mahurat. Anju asks where are you. Priya says I went to buy puja items. Shreya asks why the whole family had to wait for you. Priya shows the flowers and sweets. She says I purchased them. Shalini gets emotional.

Priya remarks that she knows how determinedly Ram keeps a smile on his face and will not let anyone witness his sorrow. She expresses her appreciation for this resilience and acknowledges that he must be feeling the absence of his father profoundly right now. Hence, she had thought of getting something which would have been close to Kapoor Sahab’s heart. Apologising for the delay in doing so, Shalini thanks Priya profusely as she is overwhelmed by the gesture. She reveals how much Kapoor Sahab has meant to her including all the love, respect and status; moreover, the fact that Priya has remembered this even after he has passed away renders her a slave for life. Shalini admits to missing him deeply as people tend to forget about loved ones’ belongings after they’re gone before embracing Ram while crying.

Don’t call me Aunty. I love Ram very much, I always wanted a daughter, Ram has a wonderful life partner, please call me Maa.


Shreya asks Ram what about three months. Ram scolds Shreya and Kriti.

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