Kumkum Bhagya 24th July 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 24th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode begins with Akshay inviting Prachi to come along with him for shopping. She agrees, and they start walking out when Ranbir intervenes saying that he doesn’t trust Akshay enough for Prachi to go shopping with him. This makes Akshay question why he keeps hovering around them every time they are talking. He further asks Ranbir to leave them alone, wisely pointing out the prior incident about the KumKum which had happened between them. Prachi interrupts asking Akshay not to bring it up again as they have already made peace. However, he points out that Ranbir had yet not apologized for the same.

Ranbir declares that he will not apologize and inquires what Akshay would do; whether he will hit him. Akshay lifts his hand, but Ranbir praises him for not doing so, saying he likes him, and that is the reason why he tried to scare him. Ranbir then queries why Akshay does not trust him and tells him it was just an amusing statement. He further states his intention to go shopping with both, though warning them that he may not approve of their selection of clothes. Going aside to take a call, Ranbir warns Prachi that he would not let Akshay go with her when Akshay comes back. Finally, Ranbir apologizes for the incident.

Pallavi’s fears are spurred when the glass breaks, and she exclaims that something bad is going to occur. Vikram comes to her aid, assuring her that nothing negative will happen. However, Pallavi insists; she looks for her telephone, and Vikram thinks she has become hypersensitive since Ranbir left. He also believes that even if she sees a cat, she would draw a negative conclusion. She decides to call Pandit ji for help with the supposed inauspicious omen. Upon receipt of a phone call, Mihika becomes scared and puts her handset on the table sitting fearfully with her hands clasped against her ears.

Ranbir arrives and inquires about her well-being, leading Mihika to embrace him. He insists on knowing her distress before she apologizes for wrongly blaming him for the discord between Bhai and Bhabhi, assuring him of his kind behaviour towards her. Ranbir then enquires if she would scold him, before suggesting they go shopping. They eventually depart.

Pallavi says yes, she has kept puja for Pandit ji. Vikram tells Dida not to worry and that Pallavi went to the past, and again on the night that Ranbir was in Delhi. Pallavi prays for Ranbir.

Ashok informs Vishaka he is off to a meeting and she sternly tells him not to have anything outside. He jokingly remarks, her being so strict is why he doesn’t miss her much when away. Seemingly amused, Vishaka insists he comes back soon. Akshay and Prachi then arrive with news of shopping; Mihika quickly adds that they’re tagging along too. Divya and Abhay follow suit, each arguing their points to join the expedition and Akshay finally concedes, saying they can take whatever they wanted but must hurry as malls may close soon. With that said, the group departs while Vishaka silently prays for their safety.

He tells Pallavi and Vikram he will perform puja for their son and asks them to put ingredients in the havan kund. Pandit ji notices that the fire lights up heavily twice, and he tells them he will do puja in the temple, saying your son must be in danger. Despite their efforts to stop him, he insists on going away. Ranbir becomes worried about his departure, and Pallavi requests Dida to call him back.

In a flashback, Dida recalls Ranbir asking her not to contact him. He asks her not to tell anyone about her meeting him and asks her not to call him as he wants to be alone for a while, but they are close to his heart and life. Ranbir says that you shall not call me and leave me alone. Dida refuses to call Ranbir and says that she will do puja at the temple. She claims that he has blocked my number.

Abhay tells Divya she should have asked something else since she thought she would shop here like her friends and she is. She regrets not asking a guy like Ranbir. Abhay agrees, praising Ranbir as awesome. Akshay, curious about the conversation, asks what they are talking about. Divya and Abhay inform Akshay that they were discussing how awesome the store is. Just then, the manager approaches them, and Akshay mentions traditional clothes.

The manager says they have got a new collection, which has never been tried by anyone yet. Abhay jokes that Divya wants old clothes like her friends bought. Sunita, the salesgirl, shows them the new collection. Sunita mistakenly assumes that Prachi and Ranbir are a couple and asks Prachi if she won’t come with her husband. This angers Akshay, and he clarifies that he is her husband. He holds Prachi and emphatically states, “She is my wife.” Sunita apologizes, explaining that she thought they were a couple.

She introduces herself as Prachi, and the person beside her is Ranbir. Akshay and Mihika also introduce themselves. Sunita apologizes for her misunderstanding. However, Akshay becomes agitated and demands her to clear the confusion. Prachi finds a dress she likes and shows it to Akshay, seeking his opinion. Akshay dismisses it, calling it nonsense. Abhay intervenes and holds Akshay’s hand to calm him down. Sunita asks if there’s any issue, to which Akshay denies it and requests her to show them other clothes from the collection. Sunita then takes Prachi along with her.

Akshay asks Prachi to try the dress. Ranbir tells Akshay that whoever has come between them is different. Akshay and Ranbir request each other not to try.


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