Kumkum Bhagya 7th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Khushi’s Nightmare Haunts Her

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Kumkum Bhagya 7th February 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode begins with Khushi having a dream where RV appears and pushes Poorvi onto the bed. She sleepily utters Poorvi’s name. Upon hearing this, RV enters the room and finds Poorvi asleep. He remembers his promise to Khushi about leaving Poorvi after their wedding night. To make things worse, he closes the window and turns up the AC temperature to inconvenience her, saying she deserves it for causing trouble for Khushi. Vishaka becomes emotional upon seeing Khushi, while Prachi assures her that she will take care of Khushi. The following day, Prachi updates Manpreet and Vishaka that Khushi’s condition has remained unchanged since last night and that she has just fallen asleep.

Vishaka tells Khushi that Poorvi is the key to her happiness. Upon arrival, Khushi requested her phone and the RV’s landline numbers. Diya provides it, prompting Khushi to call and ask for Poorvi. When Poorvi appears, she explains that she was in the kitchen and brought a box of dry fruits. Curious about RV and Poorvi’s first night together, Khushi questions Poorvi, who calmly responds that it was nothing unusual between a husband and wife. This statement shocks Khushi, who believes everything is now ruined. Despite Diya’s inquiry, Khushi remains tight-lipped and locks herself in the room.

RV’s sister-in-law takes a whiff of the sweets and compliments its taste. She admires Poorvi’s values and expresses her joy at having her as a sister-in-law. The entire family gathers around the dining table, where Harleen chimes in to tell Poorvi that she should have woken up earlier. Poorvi responds by saying she woke up early but couldn’t locate all the necessary ingredients. This leads to Deepika scolding Poorvi for arguing with Harleen. At this point, Beeji interjects and asks what everyone is discussing. Just then, Nupur arrives at the dining table and joins in on tasting the gajar ka halwa but is met with frowns from Harleen, Damini, and Deepika. They take turns scolding Poorvi and Damini and even ask whether she washed the carrots before making the dish.

Poorvi apologizes for not washing them properly, while Deepika remembers adding the small stones. She suggests that this mishap could have been avoided if Poorvi had woken up earlier. Asking Poorvi to take responsibility for her mistake, she informs her that breakfast is ready and she will bring it to the table. Instructing the servants to remove the halwa from the table, Beeji expresses concern over this inauspicious incident and worries about its impact on the relationship between husband and wife. Poorvi glances at RV standing at a distance, and Diya rushes to tell Prachi that Khushi Di is crying. Concerned about Khushi’s well-being, Prachi attempts to approach her but ends up falling instead.

She brings something for RV. RV tastes it. Poorvi thinks Maa will be very sad if she finds out about this.


RV says life makes us meet people we don’t want to meet. Damini asks Deepika if she compromised with the halwa. Deepika replied yes and said the party had just begun. They do a high-five as someone arrives.

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