Kumkum Bhagya 4th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Prachi and Poorvi’s Unexpected Encounters

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The Episode begins with Vishaka questioning Prachi about Monisha’s constant presence. Prachi clarifies that Monisha is her sister-in-law’s sibling and happens to work with RV. Vishaka then urges Prachi to request Poorvi to keep RV away from Monisha. Deepika inquires about why Monisha wants to meet Khushi. Monisha reveals that she hasn’t seen Khushi’s face yet and is curious to know why RV was infatuated with her. Deepika corrects her and states that it was not RV, but Rajvansh who was smitten with Khushi. Vaishali comments on RV’s transformation, mentioning how he is no longer the naive and innocent RV, but has become more clever and astute.

She says she will help Khushi out of RV’s life with her help. Deepika advises him not to involve Khushi and says if Poorvi says she wants to stay with RV, Khushi will backstab you. RV and Poorvi both glance at each other. RV says you look beautiful and kisses her forehead. Poorvi smiles. Monisha and Khushi are both shocked. RV asks Khushi if she has any problems. Khushi says no. Armaan says she has a problem with me.

Khushi explains that the situation is a personal matter. RV reminds everyone that they are family. Poorvi leads Khushi away and inquires about Armaan. Khushi reassures her that he did not do anything wrong. Poorvi assures her that everything will work out. Khushi remarks on the improving relationship between RV and Poorvi. Poorvi then guides Khushi to meet KK and escorts her out of the scene. RV and Armaan suggest meeting with KK as well. However, Khushi becomes distracted by Vishaka shouting at a waiter, prompting Poorvi to intervene and advise Khushi to avoid conflicts. Meanwhile, KK and Tashu inform Amar Dayal of their plans to marry once again with happiness in their hearts.

Poorvi arrives and meets KK/Ranbir, who greets her as RV. Despite Ranbir’s admission that he made a mistake, RV points out that he was invited. Tashu interjects and insists that RV stay. Ranbir explains their complicated relationship and acknowledges RV’s good qualities, although he can sometimes be irritating. RV admits to being aware of Ranbir’s dislike for him but also mentions that he did one thing right – falling in love with Poorvi. Ranbir expresses his fondness for Poorvi, and then she introduces Armaan to him while he looks for Khushi. Ranbir thinks about how Khushi would have reacted if she were present, likely arguing with him over his marriage to Tashu.

As Prachi enters the kitchen, she inquires if everything is ready. Manpreet then requests her to prepare some Gajar ka halwa. Without hesitation, Prachi agrees as it holds special significance for Tashu’s wedding. Ashok praises her cooking skills, while Monisha can’t help but feel tricked by the cook family girl and RV’s marriage. As someone calls for Ranbir and Tashu to join the wedding festivities, Poorvi and RV take to the dance floor for a romantic performance of Meherbaan Hua. Meanwhile, Ranbir daydreams about dancing with Prachi before quickly snapping out of it and vocalizing his decision not to go through with the marriage. Unfortunately, Tashu overhears him, causing RV and Poorvi to exchange meaningful glances. RV also notices Monisha looking upset.

Prachi drops her halwa spoon and goes out. Vishaka praises RV and Poorvi’s dance. RV says I would have danced if I had a good partner. Poorvi says you are self-centered. RV says you can’t hear my appraisal and calls her irritating. Vishaka praises their Jodi. RV sees Monisha upset and goes from there. Rajni asks Tashu about KK. Poorvi informs Vishaka that her family has arrived. She greets Dadu, Dadi, Harman, etc. Gajendra and Rajni welcome them.

We are late, Harman says. Vikrant says the ladies should apologize, as they made us late. Dadu says Vikrant should be taught by his father and mother. Harman says come home. Harman says come home. The marriage has not yet begun. Tashu sees Prachi and tells her KK is withdrawing from the marriage or feels nervous. Prachi asks if she should speak to him.


Ranbir/KK tell Prachi that everyone doesn’t get everything in life. Poorvi watches RV kiss Monisha on the forehead.

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