Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2024 Written Episode Update: RV and Poorvi’s Scary Night

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Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

As the Episode begins, Poorvi seeks solace in reciting Hanuman Chalisa to dispel her fears. RV overhears and attempts to distance himself. Concerned, she implores him to stay by her side. RV questions if she is afraid, to which Poorvi admits only a little. Curious, RV inquires about her muttering, and she reveals it was Hanuman Chalisa – believed to keep ghosts at bay since childhood; she no longer feels frightened. Encouraged by his support, Poorvi resumes reciting the prayer but is soon overcome with fear and continues chanting it fervently.

RV scares her and laughs. Poorvi says I thought you were a ghost and says you are one ghost here. RV asks how you feel and tells you he might be a ghost. She says she will go from here. Just then, a thunderstorm comes, and the rain starts. RV asks if you want the rain, the thunderstorm, or the ghost in the house. She tells RV about the shoes and tells him to stop scaring her.

If RV is in trouble because of Monisha, Harleen thinks that I will not leave her if that happens. She calls RV. RV pulls the curtain and doesn’t see anyone. He says it’s just the shoes. She says prevention is better than cure. RV goes. Her phone flashlight shows her where the water is. She thinks she is mad and believes there is no water here.

In fear, Poorvi calls RV and asks him to come. She comes out and falls on him. He holds her. A song plays. Poorvi asks him to see who is there. RV says he doesn’t want to see and is feeling sleepy and going to sleep. He says good night. Poorvi thinks about going to him.

In a conversation with Deepika and Monisha, Harleen says my son won’t be affected. She scolds Deepika for supporting Monisha in her dirty politics. She tells her she regards you both as her daughters and loves you. Monisha says she loves RV, and that’s why she did this. She asks if you think RV will be yours if you stop Poorvi and his honeymoon.

Harleen asks her to accept the truth and says RV and Poorvi are now married. This is different from your level. No one will take you. She says to let RV live his life and asks her not to force her to become what she doesn’t want to be. She says you’ve spoiled their honeymoon, and they’re returning, but RV is hurt. She leaves. When Monisha hears RV is coming, she gets happy.

In the middle of the night, RV and Poorvi are sleeping. Poorvi wakes up and sees the windows opening and closing. She calls RV and asks him to get up. RV says nobody is here. She prays and tries to sleep. A man comes to Poorvi and touches her foot. Poorvi wakes up and asks who is there. She says it is enough and tells him she will see the ghost. A man stands in front of her as she looks for the ghost.

The guy asks Poorvi to come with him and holds her hand. RV comes there and pushes the guy. The guy drinks wine and attacks RV. RV asks who he is. He beats him, and the guy falls. Poorvi, thank RV. RV says my night is thankful, and we’ll go before his partners arrive. They leave and go onto the road.

RV calls her trouble and says everything happened because of her. Poorvi says you call me trouble again and again. He says he is saying less and in control. Poorvi feels bad. RV asks Poorvi if she feels good and if she feels love when he speaks nicely to her. When he holds her hand, he asks if she feels anything if she feels anything when he is close to her, and she replies, “I feel….Poorvi looks up in his eyes. RV asks if she wants to tell me how she feels. Poorvi nods.

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