Kumkum Bhagya 24th March 2023 Written Update

Prachi talks to Priya. She turns and sees Akshay. She asks why you are downstairs. Akshay says my phone fell down and his dad called. Priya smiles. Ashok asks what is up, you didn’t give the good news. Akshay says that I was about to propose Prachi, I had emotions and speech prepared, and also a ring, but you called me instead. You should have ended the call and blamed me, Ashok says. He asks him to bring his bahu today and asks him to propose to him. Akshay says I will tell you not to come.

Priya comes to him and says the checks have arrived. Akshay says good. Priya smiles at him. Akshay asks why. In response, Dida asks Pallavi if she looked at Khushi carefully. Pallavi says yes. Vikram says Khushi’s eyes and hair look like Ranbir, as well as her smile. Dida says you want to say she looks like a man.

I can see Ranbir’s reflection in her, Vikram says. Palavi says you both want Khushi here, so that our house’s loneliness ends, and you want Khushi to become Ranbir’s daughter and call her Panchi one day. The servant says everyone has been called outside. He jokes that when payment comes, then it gets late. Akshay tells media that they are giving Ranbir Kohli a check for his competency and project. This is an advance for the project.

In spite of the jokes, he says, this is an advance cheque to start his project and legalize our partnership. He says Prachi will present this cheque to Ranbir, since she happens to be with us. He says Ranbir and Prachi are alike in hard work, honesty, and competency. He asks Prachi if she will handover the check to Ranbir. Prachi says yes and she hands over the check.

Pallavi hugs him. Prachi congratulates Ranbir and says you deserve it. Akshay says he knew you were very happy and he made you proud. Ranbir thinks don’t tell him, he will be hurt. Every person wants to feel proud of themselves. He says we both understand. Prachi and Ranbir look at each other.

As Akshay meets with someone, Dida asks Pallavi what’s going on. She says you haven’t allowed Prachi to come here, yet today she came with the person Ranbir is dealing with. Dida says I was not like this, and asks if you forgot what happened that day. Pallavi responds that Rhea had saved my life.

Rhea saves Pallavi’s life by jumping in the fire, pushes Pallavi, but gets stuck in the fire. FB ends. Pallavi says Rhea risked her life to save me. Dida says Rhea saved you that day, and you are here because of her. She says what would have happened if Rhea hadn’t saved you.

Prachi says I don’t care about you. Ranbir asks why you said you are proud of me. Prachi replies that I just said it generally. Ranbir asks if it was something your eyes said generally. Prachi says you’re asking me. Ranbir says that I didn’t get the chance before. She says she wanted to complain to him and fight a lot. He says I never thought I’d meet you. Despite her reservations, he says he wants to meet you, talk to you, and touch you, but didn’t realize that the prachi would be completely altered and unknown to her.

There is a difference between Prachi and the previous Prachi. She says the previous Prachi used to think from her heart, but this Prachi hears her mind. Ranbir says perhaps I do the same. As Vikram approaches, Dida says Prachi and Ranbir are talking. She explains what the result could be and asks Pallavi not to forget Rhea.

In a Facebook post, Pallavi tells Ranbir that Rhea jumped in fire to save her, and tells him that she is angry with herself. Rhea is burned to some extent. Badi Dida says everything will be okay. Pallavi says Doctor said she could die. Pallavi regrets not giving her love and says she left her Buji for us.

Ranbir says I promise nothing will happen to her. Pallavi says marriage is everyone’s dream and asks him to marry her. Ranbir asks Mom, what are you saying? ‘I can give you this big happiness,’ Pallavi says. She asks him to promise to marry her and to fill her life with happiness.

She tells him Prachi will always be in your heart. However, this marriage will bring a lot of happiness to Rhea. She forces him to promise to marry Rhea. Pallavi asks Ranbir to swear on her. Ranbir swears on Pallavi that he will marry her and keep her happy forever. He asks Pallavi to handle herself. Pallavi asks if he’ll marry her? Ranbir says yes.

Dida asks why you let them come in front of one another. Pallavi says I didn’t know Prachi was alive at the time. Dida asks why do you let them come in front of each other? Vikram says Pallavi is right; when everything is new, we should start all over again. According to Dida, Ranbir’s life has ended with Prachi, and a new one will begin with Rhea. He has no one else in his life other than her.

Ranbir tells Prachi that he has something to tell her. Akshay asks Ranbir who the person hugging Prachi is. Ranbir says that she is Prachi’s sister, Rhea. As Ranbir’s mom walks in, she says Ranbir and Rhea are getting married. Ayush asks Ranbir if her girl is here, so I can meet her.

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