Kumkum Bhagya 10th November Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 10th November 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Prachi remembering Vishaka receiving a call about Ranbir’s tragic accident. Together, Prachi and Ashok arrive at the scene to find the police bringing in the deceased body. The officers inform them that they have discovered a chain and wallet with the body. Prachi takes a look at the pendant and recognizes Khushi’s picture inside it. She attempts to see the face of the deceased, but is stopped by an inspector who explains that it is too damaged to be recognized. Overcome with emotion, Prachi sheds tears. The flashback concludes as Prachi expresses her love for Ranbir, revealing that she has been unable to forget him even for a moment since his passing. Just then, Purvi arrives and reminds her of their plans, asking if everything is alright. Prachi assures her that it is.

Krishna informs RV that his era has come to an end, and now it is their turn. He has 235 companies across the country. He says he doesn’t have 4-5 small companies like him. RV says our company will open many branches very soon. Krishna says we will reach 2000 companies until you reach 235. He asks Robert to think of whom he wants to do business with. In response to RV’s request, Krishna says he doesn’t like it and says you are overconfident.

Robert urges them to refrain from quarreling as it could have a negative impact on his business. In response, Krishna expresses that he sees no value in investing time and effort into petty disputes and instead suggests that Robert collaborates with you. He believes that an inexperienced individual like yourself could potentially harm Robert’s business in a matter of months. Krishna also predicts that your lack of resources will result in a delayed launch date, leaving Robert with no choice but to turn to him and pay twice the price. He dubs this scenario the “Doom’s Day” or “Kayamath ka day” and plans to take advantage of it for his own company’s gain.

Afterwards, Robert asks them not to fight, and says he will tell the CEO. Krishna tells his manager that he wants the tickets to Mumbai as soon as possible. He says RV is not like others and will try to get the contract. He says I will go there and get the contract, and if I get time, I will visit Diwali as well.

At the Dussehra Pandal, Ashok and Vishaka sell their goods. The RV friend or brother tells KK that Krishna was calm and was making him angry. RV tells KK that he will steal the contract from KK. His brother says I had a doubt. RV stops the car and asks him to ask the tempo guy to move the tempo to one side. His brother/friend asks if I’ll go? RV asks him to go. He asks Poorvi to move up fast, since RV’s car is waiting for her.

Poorvi requests the man’s assistance in arranging the boxes at their stall. He willingly agrees, and before long, the boxes are unloaded from the truck. Upon spotting Poorvi, RV recognizes her from a previous encounter. A song begins to play as Diya compliments the man on his hard work and inquires if he can also help with cooking. As Vishaka admires his clothes, she asks where he acquired them and then requests for him to pass over a hammer. Without hesitation, he hands her the tool. Diya remarks that even Badi Maa had mistaken him for a laborer and introduces him as such to Prachi. The man, named Yug, then reveals his name to Poorvi and says that of Poorvi herself. Finally, he asks for 10000 Rs., which Prachi provides without delay.

Diya inquires, “How did he know?” to which Yug responds, “It’s common knowledge.” Ashutosh/Poorvi’s fianc√© arrives and Diya remarks, “You should have come sooner.” Prachi adds, “It’s a relief that you’re here now.” Diya then informs Poorvi that she will check on RV. Confused, Poorvi wonders why Diya is so interested in him. From behind, Diya notices RV and ponders why Yug is giving him special attention. Suddenly, she spots a man getting out of his jeep and entering the event venue. Eagerly, she rushes inside. The man asks for the person who inaugurated the pandal and instructs the guard to call for assistance. The guard replies that he is currently occupied with the sponsor.

Poorvi asks Ashutosh to do something. Ashutosh helps her. Diya reveals that Jasbir is here. Poorvi becomes tense. Vishaka is about to try pani puri, but Manpreet teases and stops her. Jasbir learns that the food stall belongs to an old caterer, and he recalls teasing Poorvi and calls her Poorvi Kohli.


Krishna comes to Mumbai and sees a woman, whom he names Prachi. Jassi says the event can’t take place without him.


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