Kumkum Bhagya 29th May 2023 Written Episode Update

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Ranbir tells Doctor everything he told him about giving CPR to Prachi. The doctor thanks Ranbir for his presence of mind. He asks Prachi how she is. Prachi says she is fine. The doctor says he doesn’t need to be there anymore. In response to Prachi’s request, Ranbir asks how she is. The doctor says Prachi needs rest to wake up fresh. Ranbir closes the windows and tells Prachi that she can’t sleep due to her fear of thunderstorm sounds. The doctor writes her medicine and asks him to give it to her.

He says he will drop Pallavi and Dida off while returning and will bring the medicine with him. Prachi says she will get medicine from someone. Shahana tells him that Balbira has been arrested. Pallavi says Prachi will not take care of herself, and Ranbir will stay here tonight. Ranbir says I am not asking, but telling you.

Pallavi thanks Dida for calling them here. They leave. Shahana assures Prachi that Ranbir still cares for her. Prachi wonders what’s going on. In the midst of Ranbir and Prachi’s hugging and union thoughts, Rhea asks God if she is so bad that he doesn’t want to give her happiness. She says you want me to stay away from Ranbir.

She says I have done wrong in the past, but now I have changed. She says I truly love Ranbir, and even then Prachi hovers around him, asking if this is justice. She says I loved him from the bottom of my heart, and said it’s enough.

As she says, I won’t let Prachi snatch my Ranbir like last time, and I’ve done tapasya to get him, and I’ve spent every day thinking of him being with me. Ranbir and Rhea will be together, she says. Having all the family members force Ranbir to marry her, she will create such a situation where Ranbir himself will ask him to marry her.

Rhea opens the door and pretends to be unaware of what is happening. She asks where her cake is. Dida says the cake-cutting did not take place. Pallavi tells her Balbira tried to kill Prachi and had kept her in the tanker. Ranbir stayed there in order to help her, Dida says. It is good that Ranbir is staying with Prachi. She seems worried for Prachi and asks if I can go meet her. Pallavi tells her Prachi is fine and that she doesn’t need permission to meet her.

Prachi asks why Ranbir is making her take the medicine. Ranbir says he cares for you just like I do…and then says he is a nice guy. Prachi asks him to leave and says I will manage, and Ranbir says he will. As you haven’t changed, your habits haven’t changed either. So he covers her with a blanket and asks her to sleep. She says she sleeps in the dark every night.

She is told to go to sleep by Ranbir after he shuts off the light. Prachi tells him he will go home, but Ranbir says he won’t go until Balbira is in jail. He asks why you aren’t sleeping. Prachi says she feels peaceful and safe. Ranbir hears her and asks her to sleep. Shahana believes Ranbir and Prachi love each other a lot and think they will reunite.

Aaliya comes to meet Rhea. Rhea is meeting her outside and says she wants to meet her, who loves her genuinely. She says here, nobody loves me, even though I do. She smiles. Rhea says I was a fool for accepting everyone as my family. Aaliya asks why you’re depressed.

She says don’t tell me that they left him there. Dida says yes, and says this means they want Prachi and Ranbir to stay together. She asks her to say. Aaliya shouts at her for not listening to her and tells her to change for herself. Rhea says I…Aaliya says you’ll torture yourself so much.

Then Rhea says I need time to think about what I should do, and says I want to destroy them and think about why I am doing this at the same time. Aaliya tells her she will leave the city in a few days. Rhea says Ranbir is with Prachi. She says they are together again, and once they unite, Rhea will be out, and you will be thrown out. Rhea asks how she can be so sure. Aaliya says she is Aaliya and says Ranbir stayed there because he loves Prachi.

Rhea says why you are snatching my peace, and regrets calling her. She says he stayed there tonight and it will be a big deal if he returns by 11 am. She says morning tea and morning walk. Aaliya says she will stay here and ruin Prachi’s life.

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