Faltu 3rd May 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 3rd May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

Ayaan takes Janardhan with him in the episode. Angry Tanu gets angry. Kanika says when Faltu leaves the house, everything will return to Ayaan, don’t worry. Tanu says this didn’t happen right. They leave. Sid says I got this chair and position by difficulty, I can’t lose it, and although I feel sorry for Janardhan, I can’t let Ayaan win.

Kanika wants a reception for both Sumitra and Tanisha. Govind says he doesn’t like this drama, but Kanika wants this. Savita says the media already knows about the marriages, so why call them again? She gets angry. Savita says Ayaan and his dad didn’t return home. Faltu says Dad is unwell, don’t keep this party, refuse it. Tanu, Sid and Kanika return home. Tanu asks us if we should ask you now. Savita asks where Ayaan and Janardhan are. Sid says they left before us. Faltu calls Ayaan. Janardhan and Ayaan are at the tea stall.

When I used to get sad in college, you used to bring me here for tea and encourage me. Janardhan says this place is special to me since I used to come here when I didn’t have anything. Ayaan says we have a stronger connection than blood ties. Kanika and Tanu are evil, he explains.

We have made the JM Mart, we don’t need anyone else, you are my idol, I can’t see you losing, we have to fight for the right, your son is with you, always. We should go home now. Janardhan nods. They come home. Dadi says she is glad to see Ayaan with his father. We won’t be a part of the reception party if it happens, Ayaan says. Janardhan says he got cheated today, but he has to stay fine to regain his business.

Kanika and Tanu try hard to convince Janardhan, but the reception party won’t take place, otherwise, we won’t attend. Janardhan says it will happen as Ayaan wants, and we won’t attend it. Kanika taunts Faltu, and Ayaan shouts, “Stop it!”. He says Faltu doesn’t need an introduction, she’ll get more fame than anyone else because of her cricket, and he’s proud of her. You want to insult her once again at this party, and I won’t let that happen.

Faltu says the party won’t take place here. Tanu says now that the reception will take place, Faltu won’t be happy for long. Kanika inquires what you are thinking. He asks what’s wrong with you, Kanika, but no one knows about it. She says she knows, I came to remind you to repay the loan, I can tell the family if I want.

She says you are not blackmailing me, but she warns me, I will do whatever it takes for my daughter’s happiness. Go and convince Faltu and Ayaan to attend the reception party, otherwise, this secret will be revealed. She scolds him. He sits sad. Sid is at the office. He says I didn’t think you’d go to this level.

He sends some files and pays a man. He says no one should know this. He says it will be the worst day of Ayaan’s life tomorrow. He says to someone, “Officer, I have to give you some information about Ayaan.” Ayaan asks, “You’ve mortgaged the house to Kanika?” I had thought about paying off the loan, but it didn’t happen. Janardhan asked you and Faltu to attend the reception party, try to understand, we have to do this, don’t tell anyone. Ayaan gets angry when he leaves. Faltu arrives. She says we’ll be at the party, I heard everything, and I think Tanu is planning something big.

Faltu comes to give him aarti. Ayaan says I need to tell Dad about Sid’s plan. She says we shouldn’t. He says we should find out what’s happening. She says I’ll find out by entering the office. Everyone knows you, Tanu will keep an eye on you, you have to get ready for reception, I have to leave, I have no other choice. We want Sid’s locker keys, how can we get them? Faltu says I can help you.


Ayaan gets arrested for theft. Tanu says checkmate. Faltu cries.

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