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In the episode, Bindiya and her parents go to the temple. Her mother asks where Bindiya is. Bindiya brings flowers to Pandit ji and gives them to him. Dadi blesses her parents and tells them to leave the temple. Seeing the beggars outside asking for money, Bindiya’s father explains that he doesn’t have money, but has prasad. They give the Prasad and ask Payal to give her Prasad as well. Payal refuses.

They convince her to give her Prasad. Payal gives her Prasad after Bindiya convinces her. She eats some prasad which she has saved for herself. Everyone laughs. Payal and Bindiya insist on swinging. The next morning, Bindiya wakes up and thinks it’s Maa and Papa’s anniversary. She senses a presence outside the window but ignores it. She wakes Payal and tries to wake her up. She then lets her sleep. She feels hungry and decides to cook.

When she finds the match stick, she cannot light it. She drinks cold water, but there is no milk in the vessel. She comes to the cow and asks for milk. Dadi asks her to give her some love and she sings a song.

Bindiya asks why do you sing? Dadi says cows like the song and asks her to express the milk. Bindiya expresses the milk. Dadi asks her to get ready for school first and wake up Payal first. When Bindiya sees the hand impression on the wall, she wonders who it is. She gets ready for school and makes Payal get ready too. Dadi asks Payal what she is searching for and if she has forgotten something.

She gives them tiffin. Bindiya checks the bowl and finds nothing for Dadi. She keeps her paratha for Dadi and takes the empty tiffin. She says we didn’t wish Maa and Papa a happy anniversary. They come to their photo frame, which has garland on it, and then wish them their anniversary. They go to their school. Dadi worries about what will happen to them in case I die. In the class, Bindiya raises her hand to answer the question. She answers wrong. Master Ji says the wrong answer. The kids laugh. Master Ji praises her and says at least she tried. Bindiya comes out of class during the lunch break. As a reward for her attempt, Master Ji gave her toffee, stating that it is better to try than to fail without trying.

Upon being asked to eat the toffee, Bindiya replies that she can’t and will give it to Payal. Master Ji gives her another toffee and asks her to remind her Dadi to pay their fees. She agrees. Later, Dadi sells a field on the farm. She bargains for more money, but the guy pays her a small amount. As Payal tells Bindiya the school is torture and the children are being forced to work as child labour, she eats the toffee. Payal asks for her mango toffee. Bindiya gives it to her. Payal washes it and eats it. Dadi is followed by someone asking her to give her a ring.

When Dadi gives her a ring, the guy says it’s fake. He asks Dadi for money and pushes her, and Dadi falls into the well. Payal and Bindiya see Dadi shouting for help. They rush to the well to help Dadi. Dadi is drowning. Bindiya asks Payal for help and jumps into the well to save her. Payal stops hearing Bindiya jump in the well. She runs to get help.

Despite being rescued, Dadi remains unconscious and critically ill. A couple arrives to rule over the girls.

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