Suhaagan 2nd January 2024 Written Episode Update: Tensions Rise as Payal’s Plan Unfolds


Suhaagan 2nd January 2024 Written Episode Update on

Amma plays video games while Sakshi fixes the camera to make a reel. Baldev gets a call and goes. Payal thinks she should keep the album near the dangerous woman so no one will doubt or ask about it. As she silently leaves, Indu tells Krish and Bindiya that she has kept the diary here. Krish and Bindiya begin searching for the album. Indu asks if anyone stole it. Krish says the stolen diamond is not the Kohinoor diamond.

After recording the video, Sakshi asks Sapna to keep the camera stand in her room. She finds an album on the floor and starts checking it. Krish asks Indu if she is sure that she has kept the album in this place. Indu says she had. She checks the photo and asks who is this boy with Amma. Amma stands before her and says heroine, this is my picture.

Indu asks who has brought the album here. Sakshi shouts for help. Amma asks why she shouts and if she considers herself a heroine. Everyone comes there. Amma tells Baldev that heroines are crazy to shout and that they are thieves. Krish asks Bindiya to pick her up. Payal says Sakshi. Payal says Sakshi found it here and picked it up. Indu says she needs to call the tantrik to ward off the bhoot. Sakshi looks at Payal and says bhootni.

Bindiya is stitching clothes like Amma, Dada ji, and Kaveri used to wear, and Krishna appreciates her copying designs and patterns. They used to be stitched in Chirayya, but Payal never liked her designs because she wears modern clothes. She said there were only a few clothes left to be stitched.

When Krishna says hair is stylish, we’ll keep the same period, situation, etc, in front of Amma. He thinks we’ll be careful. Bindiya asks what will happen with fake knives and guns. Payal stares at them with the spy camera and says evilly that you’ll get to heaven if your husband is with you when you die. She says my evil and devilish mind will be a waste if the same thing happens as you think, and waste is harmful.

Vikram keeps a spy camera in the hall while Sakshi watches. Sakshi says finally, we’ll be able to find out who is the bhootni. Vikram says if anyone finds out, it will be a problem. Vikram says we’ll get it taken down. Payal blames me. Vikram says we’ll leave. Someone glances at them.

As Indu prays to the Goddess, she tells her she has committed many mistakes and asks Ambe Maa for forgiveness. She says her devotion is pure like RO water. Krish asks Indu to come. He asks if everyone reads their lines well. Bindiya says God will make all things good. Payal asks Indu why she is having a surprise party tonight. Indu says it is Papa Ji’s birthday. Sakshi says it is in June, and Papa Ji doesn’t celebrate it.

Vikram says they want to celebrate Amma. Bindiya says, but suddenly. Bindiya says I have been trying to convince Babu ji. Krish asks them to come to the party in their 70s and 80s outfits. Payal says she will dance with Krish. Baldev says Amma regards Bindiya as Krish’s wife. Krish asks her for permission and leaves. Payal smirks.

Rose makes a paratha that Krish looks at, and he says he can’t eat it as you made it for Nikku. Rose says she will make a paratha for him and leaves. Krish asks Nikku if a parcel came for him. Nikku confirms and shows the box with the fake knife and gun. Payal takes the knife and tells tears the pillow. Nothing in her plan is fake; she promises blood will make the evening colorful.


Payal replaces the knife with a real one and the bullet with a real one. Krish and Bindiya dance to the song Pyaar hua ikraar hua.

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