Maati Se Bandhi Dor 15th June 2024 Written Episode: Vaiju’s Family Visit and Ranvijay’s Decision

Maati Se Bandhi Dor

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 15th June 2024 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvijay refusing to marry Vaiju. He leaves. Rao Sahab says there is no point in speaking to him now. Vasundhara praises Vaiju. Vaiju is upset. Jaya consoles him. Vaiju says I have no regret. Santosh crossed all limits, and Ranvijay got angry at me; if he thinks I’m wrong, this shouldn’t happen. Jaya says no. Vaiju says I don’t want to give any explanation. Aai is fine. She tells her not to worry.

Aai calls Vasundhara to invite the family to her home. Vaiju signs no. Aai says we’ll come, thanks. Vaiju says no. Jaya says Ranvijay decided to meet with you, don’t be sad, you should go. Kaveri says yes, we will go. Aai tells them to wear silk sarees and look good. She asks what gift we should bring to Vasundhara’s house. Jaya cries. Rao Sahab asks why you invited Vaiju’s family. Vasundhara says we will know them. Kaki says we already know her well.

You can call anyone in puja, Nagraj says, so they go. Rao Sahab says family members’ consent is necessary, you force decisions on us and force us to agree, why? Vasundhara says you’re not focused on the family; otherwise, I wouldn’t have taken on this role. She leaves. Vaiju and everyone are asked to come quickly by Saleem.

Jaya says everything will be fine. Forget the past and think of the future; I won’t come along. Vaiju asks why. Jaya says I have body pain, a cold, and the flu, so I will rest at home instead of going to puja. Vaiju says you have always encouraged me. I can’t do it without you. You are important to me.

I will come, I’ll take medicine, and I’ll be fine, Jaya says. Vasundhara checks arrangements. She asks Ranvijay to get ready. He asks why he calls them. Vasundhara says she is sure Vaiju is the right girl for you and wishes you both a happy future together. She welcomes Vaiju and her family into her home. Jaya watches.

Vaiju is taunted by Nagaraj and his wife and reminded of her actions. Vasundhara praises Vaiju for fighting injustice. She says there is truth in her. Not many people possess it. She asks Vaiju to come, and Ranvijay is getting ready. Vaiju says my younger sister Jaya has also come. Jaya enters. Vaiju says I need you.

Vaiju asks Jaya to turn. Jaya puts on a mask and hides her face. She says she caught a cold. Vasundhara says it’s okay; you are Vaiju’s sister. Show us your sweet face. Jaya worries.


Some problems can only be solved by fighting. Vaiju says patience is a farmer’s strength. She slaps Jaikant, and Ranvijay scolds her.

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