Anupama 3rd March 2024 Written Episode Update: Anupama Faces Aadhya’s Anger

Anupama written update

Anupama 3rd March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama pleads with Aadhya to refrain from shouting, explaining that Shruti’s condition is critical. In response, Aadhya demands to know what Anupama did. Anupama assures her that she did not cause the tragedy; the plane carrying Shruti’s parents had crashed. Aadhya is in disbelief. Desperately trying to calm her down, Anupama grasps her hand and urges her to remain composed. However, Aadhya shrugs off her grip and accuses Anupama of bringing misfortune upon their household since she arrived. She believes Anupama’s lousy energy and intentions have affected them all negatively and states that she hates her. Aadhya warns Anupama not to use Shruti’s situation as an excuse to enter their home and declares that she and Anuj will take care of Shruti. She also dismisses any maternal advice from Anupama, stating that while she may be a mother figure to others, she is not Aadhya’s mother. She questions if any true mother would abandon their children as Anupama has seemingly done with hers.

Anupama claims that she left because she felt like a burden on her loved ones, unable to make them happy. Aadhya expresses that despite having her father by her side, she always felt insignificant to Anupama. She believes Anupama saved her granddaughter out of duty towards her husband, not genuine love. However, Anupama clarifies that she risked her life to save all three of them during the car accident. She also reminded Aadhya that she instructed her to leave first for safety when the car door was jammed. According to Anupama’s faith in God, his plan was for Pari to be rescued first. She assures Aadhya that she treats all four children equally and understands if Aadhya chooses to hate her forever. Aadhya confirms that she indeed hates and will continue to hate Anupama.

It makes Anupama wonder why you always ask me why I left you. She says I could have handled you anyway, but your Papa raised his finger on my motherly love and says I wouldn’t have been affected if everyone had told me, but I couldn’t bear his accusations. In her words, I went so that your Papa wouldn’t have my baggage so that you and your partner could live happily together.

Aadhya says you went for our happiness so why did you return, get out of here. When Anuj arrives, she asks Aadhya to apologize to her mother. Aadhya refuses and says that Shruti is only my mother. She leaves. After asking Anuj to care for Shruti, Anupama runs away. She collides with someone and stops. Kanha ji asks her why he brought them together.

Dimpy informs Vanraj that the academy has resumed and expresses concern about who will manage it if Vanraj goes to America. She points out that even if she also leaves, Kavya will have difficulty handling three kids and Ansh’s upcoming exam. Baa agrees, stating that Ansh’s academic success is crucial. Babu Ji then turns to Vanraj, acknowledging his role as the head of the family and assuring him that he will stand by their side and ensure nothing goes against his wishes. He suggests that Vanraj accompany Leela on her trip. Dimpy assures everyone that she will not cause any trouble. In a stern tone, Vanraj warns them not to deceive Babu Ji, stating the consequences if they do so. He declares that Titu’s shenanigans must end before their return.

While Anupama was busy in the kitchen, Yashdeep told her that 50 people had ordered Aloo vada. Without hesitation, she agreed to make it, but she accidentally dropped a spoon in her haste. Concerned for her well-being, Yashdeep asked if she was okay. Assuring him she was okay, Anupama also shared that Beeji was missing her and promised to visit her soon. Turning to KD, she requested him to chop the onions while reminding herself to stay composed. Seeing Shruti upset, Aadhya tried to calm her down. Meanwhile, Anuj encouraged Shruti to be strong and reminded her that life often tests us. He also informed them of the need to return to India for their Uncle and Aunt’s funeral rites. Overcome with emotions, both Shruti and Aadhya burst into tears.

The neighbors often come to Baa to give her belongings to their relatives. Kavya points out that there are limitations on how much they can bring. Baa reassures everyone that Vanraj will handle everything. Babu Ji mentions that Vanraj only purchased the tickets, not all the flights. Baa recalls seeing a celebrity carrying excessive baggage and mentions it. Kavya adds that extra fees must be paid for additional luggage. The neighbors get into a heated argument. They ask Baa to take Dimpy with her if she causes any trouble. Another neighbor comments on Titu’s behavior and credits Anupama for creating a warm home atmosphere. Baa agrees to talk to Anupama when she sees her next, but Babu ji advises her against saying anything to Anupama.

The woman hugs Beeji, cries, and says, “Why do relatives cause so much pain? I went far away, but they came right up to me.” She says my daughter thinks I don’t want her happiness, I am behind her, and Choti thinks I am trying to come between them since I wouldn’t have come here if I had known they were here. Kanha ji says I have never asked anyone for anything, but I did ask him for others.

She says she hates me. Okay, she’s broken, so how can she make her heart okay? She asks Beeji how to join her broken heart. Beeji says a mother cannot enter a broken heart and asks her to remember that she has done her duty well as a mother. She says life didn’t leave you behind and asks her to move on. She says you will get hundreds of reasons to cry and asks her to forget everything and move on. Anupama says I will move on and look ahead.

Shruti is dropped off at the airport by Anuj, who says someone will pick her up. I’ll accompany you, and my staff can take care of the event. Shruti says she’ll learn to be alone and take care of Aadhya. Anuj tells Aadhya to take care of himself and to focus on himself. She reminds him that Shruti is their family. They enter the airport together.

Anupama tells Yashdeep what she is thinking as he asks her what she is thinking. Anupama replies that she is just working and trying not to think about anything. Yashdeep asks Anupama if she is nervous. Anupama says no, you are with me. Diya’s words make her feel about Diya’s words. Yashdeep says I’m ready to be with you forever.

Keeping masalas ready comes to Anupama’s mind. Kinjal offers to help and asks her to tell her what to do. She asks her to put it in a box. Toshu comes there, talking on the phone. Kinjal says I haven’t seen him work in so long, and I’m scared of him, but I hope he will change someday. Anupama thinks of Shruti and Aadhya.


When Anupama sees goons harassing Toshu, she asks them to stop touching her son and not to mess up with Maa. Later, she rings the doorbell. Yashdeep comes and helps her pick vegetables. Vanraj opens the door. Anupama is shocked. Vanraj smiles.

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