Mehndi Wala Ghar 5th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Mauli’s Discovery and Akshay’s Secret

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 5th April 2024 Written Episode Update on

In the episode, Akshay and Jyoti argue. Mauli comes and asks if she’s okay. Jyoti says she’s fine. Did you learn about Manas? Mauli says no, I don’t understand anything. Jyoti asks if we know everything on social media and why someone is worried. Mauli asks if you want to know about Akshay, give me your phone. According to her, it is easier to speak to strangers than loved ones. Jyoti says family makes opinions, and strangers understand.

You say such profound things, Mauli says. Jyoti says I used to write before marriage. Mauli thinks you should write a blog, and you will become a stranger to Akshay and talk to him. I have used a fake name and picture so you can ask him questions about his problems. Whenever she messages Akshay, Jyoti worries. Mauli says the message was sent by Suman’s name, relax. Jyoti replies fine, I will give you tea and come. Mauli smiles.

Akshay doesn’t appear to Jyoti. He comes. She asks him to have tea. He says his phone is here. He has tea. Mauli asks how his mood is. Jyoti says bad. He gets Akshay’s message. Mauli says you write him about your first meeting and all the best. Janki says we should start preparing for the wedding. Jyoti smiles.

He says you should ask Mauli about the girl. Mini calls her friend and gets the number. Mauli calls the number and asks the man about the girl. The man recalls Aashna and says she asked for my phone while I was buying sweets. During their conversation, Jyoti and Akshay talk about Mauli and Manas. Mauli sees Manas and speaks aloud to make him hear. He worries. She tells Jyoti everything.

He thinks of breaking the pen drive. He calls Aashna and says Mauli got the CCTV footage in pendrive, I got it, we have to be careful, otherwise everyone will know we are still together. Mauli looks shocked. She says I was bluffing and had no proof; I must find Manas’ game plan. She hides from him. She goes to his room and looks for evidence. Ajanta asks Manas to have food. Janki insists on it. Ajanta goes to get food. Mauli prays there.

Mauli gets a piece of paper from Mini, and she gives Manas’ clothes to her. He worries and wonders how he forgot the receipt. He runs and takes the paper from Mauli’s hand. He says thanks, I was looking for it. As he leaves, Mauli wonders what’s in the receipt. She asks Jyoti to join her. Akshay is on the phone. He promises success in business once I get this franchise.

Jyoti takes the receipt in her pocket. He asks her to get the box. He says it is too high. She says yes. She gets it. He climbs up. She takes the paper from his pocket. He pulls the box out. She thanks him. He leaves. She gives the paper to Mauli. Mauli checks it.


Mauli sees Rahul. He smiles and asks if you always think about me. She tells Jyoti about Aashna’s name and number. She says we must call her.

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