Mehndi Wala Ghar 21st February 2024 Written Episode: Revelations and Tensions Unfold at Suprabha’s Engagement

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 21st February 2024 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Mauli asking everyone to keep Vicky occupied. Vaibhav then invites Vicky to dance with him. They groove to the tune of Desi Boys… Meanwhile, Mauli attends to Suprabha and gives her a pill. Assuring everyone that she will recover soon, Mauli joins Janki in prayer. Vicky grows concerned about his mother’s whereabouts and calls out for her. Amid this, Manoj messages Mauli, who realizes they must step out before Vicky returns. She informs everyone that Suprabha has altered the competition rules and brings her out with a smile.

Mauli announces that both families will be dancing together. Vicky then mentions their original song choice, but Mauli reminds him of Aunty’s advice to dance with their hearts. She instructs the music to play, and everyone, including Suprabha, joins in. Janki watches with a smile while Rahul observes from the side. Vicky eventually joins in and receives applause from all. Rahul congratulates Mauli on thwarting his plans but assures her that her plan will fail. Suprabha appears uplifted by the positive energy, and Mauli compliments her dancing skills. Suprabha asks for confirmation, and Mauli happily responds with a yes.

Saloni says you are fit and superhit. Everyone applauds Suprabha. Suprabha says she is talented. Vicky says I felt like you got drunk. She says it’s my talent. He agrees. She says I won, right? Janki says yes, you won, be happy. Everyone claps. Janki hands the prize to Suprabha, who presents her with a shawl and the trophy. Suprabha says she has always deserved this respect and appreciates her understanding.

Raul sees Maul. Rahul thinks Mauli is spoiling my plans. Mauli believes I want to hear your confession once. She makes him fall. The phone falls out of his pocket. Mauli says are you okay? Get up. Jyoti says Mini is happy with Rahul’s coming. Rahul says I’m so glad, too. He leaves. Mauli gets her phone back. Manas comes there. Ajanta asks Manoj who has come. They smile seeing Manas. Manoj hugs Manas.

Mauli has handled everything here, he says, and she has become a favourite of the family. Bade Papa welcomes Manas. Mauli listens to Rahul’s recording. She says I knew it, I’m going to tell Janki you want to break Mini’s marriage, that’s cheap. She says he’s asking someone to go, and it means someone else is involved. She gets shocked hearing Mini and Rahul talk. She says Mini wants to break her marriage, but why… I have to talk to Mini. Golu informs her that Manas has arrived, and she is stunned.

“She inquires about Manas, to which he replies that everyone is pleasantly surprised by his actions. Manoj then introduces the family to Manas, and they all marvel at his luck in having a wife like Mauli. They shower praises on her as she arrives and sees Manas. Ajanta suggests that Mauli takes Manas with her, and they leave together. Amazed by Mauli’s charisma, Manas asks if it’s a natural talent for her. The question takes her aback, and he clarifies that she has charmed even his father more than he has. As Rahul enters the scene and notices Manas, he wonders if he had come to meet him or someone else.”

Raul sees Mauli and hears them talking. Manas scolds Mauli: You will become zero if everyone knows the truth about our marriage breaking. You are nothing without Papa’s name. You snatched my dad, and you want to snatch his property from me, right? Then Rahul realizes that Manas is her husband and breaks the marriage as well. He scolds Manas back in the same way.

She says you care for his property, not his love, and you are a big loser. I don’t know how to react. You are sick, your thinking is ill, I don’t know how to treat you, you don’t want to get well, Manas, don’t talk to me in this tone again, and about our marriage, I want to tell Dad and the world that I’m not with you, you’re disgusting. Mauli thinks an excellent job. He speaks badly to you. Manas does not regard her as his wife; he has a girlfriend. He recalls Manas’ words.

As Maula says, Papa met his family after many years, and if he knew this now, he could not tolerate it. I will let him know right on the wedding night. When that day comes, Manas says fine, I’ll see. She says trust me, I’m looking forward to that day more than you. She leaves. Rahul hides. Mauli cries. Naina…plays… She says, Papa, I’m so sorry I can’t tell you anything about my pain, I’m so lonely…


Rahul scolds Janki. She gets angry and punishes him. He asks her to punish him, and she does so.

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