Mehndi Wala Ghar 1st April 2024 Written Episode Update: Mauli and Manas’ Tensions Rise

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 1st April 2024 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Manas attempting to assist Mauli, but she declines his help and walks away. Janki then expresses her concern about bringing Manas and Mauli closer, wondering what she should do. Meanwhile, Mauli contemplates her feelings towards Rahul and tells her father that she no longer feels for Manas. She approaches Manoj to have a conversation but overhears him and Ajanta discussing how Manas is trying to win Mauli’s heart. Ajanta expresses her happiness at seeing his efforts this time, while Manoj explains that as a father, he only wants what is best for his son. He shares his desire for Manas to become a better man and not repeat the same mistakes he made. Grateful for the change in his son, he hopes that Mauli will forgive Manas.

Mauli’s mood turns somber as they step out. Swara and Tanvi share a hearty laugh over Ajanta’s famous kheer. Hari and Nanhe join in to savor the delicious treats. The loving bahus insist they also try the sweets, which they happily oblige. However, Ajanta suddenly realizes her bowl of kheer is missing. Manoj suggests that perhaps Manas and Mauli had some, as he had informed them about it earlier. This revelation worries Ajanta as she fears being disqualified from the competition and losing out on the nek prize. Understanding her concern, Tanvi asks her to fetch more Kheer. With determination, Ajanta agrees and promises to bring it back shortly. Swara beams at her positive attitude. In the end, Hari expresses his satisfaction with the sweets, declaring that all three ladies will receive the nek prize and handing it to them graciously.

Ajanta inquires about the thrown kheer. Mauli clarified that she had added lemon, causing the milk to spoil. As a result, their father instructed her to dispose of it to save Ajanta from embarrassment. Ajanta expresses her gratitude towards them and remembers Swara’s advice. Hari interrupts and suggests Ajanta take her nek. Struggling to understand why, Ajanta begins to question but is quickly reminded by Manoj, who informs her that both Manas and Mauli have eaten the kheer. Pleased with this acknowledgment, Hari presents Ajanta with a nek while everyone celebrates with colors. Suddenly, Mini appears, and Rahul invites her to join in on the festivities despite her initial objection, which draws Akshay’s attention.

He says I won’t play Holi; my choice has changed, so don’t dare apply colors to me. Ajay says if Akshay doesn’t play, then I will as well. Vijay and Manoj agree. Ajanta goes and argues with Swara. Mauli comes and asks them to stop fighting. It is Holi today. She says Ajanta is done. She leaves. Rahul and everyone worry. Mauli arrives. He cancels Holi.

Mauli generously brings sweets for everyone. Recognizing that they only have one night, she proposes making a solid plan. Rahul immediately adds his input on using colorful water, and Golu expresses concern for their father’s reaction. Manas then joins the conversation and suggests that Mauli use her influence as the favorite child to convince their father. However, she politely declines and suggests he give it a try instead. Despite Manas’ initial hesitation, they all agree to play Holi together as a family. Mauli then shares an idea that receives positive reactions from everyone. Reflecting on their previous conversation, Manas takes the opportunity to offer his help in fixing things, and Mauli graciously accepts it. She exits the scene with a smile while the rest continue discussing and planning for Holi.

It’s morning, and Ajanta is preparing tea, but unfortunately, it gets spilled. Swara responds with a smile. Then, Vaibhav calls Swara outside, and she goes to meet him. In the meantime, Mauli instructs Golu to go, and Ajanta takes care of increasing the burner flame as Swara directed. However, when she goes to get the tea, Swara arrives only to find that the upma has been burnt. Vaibhav asks what happened, and Swara suspects that someone intentionally did this, explicitly pointing toward Ajanta Tai ji. She confirms this, and Vaibhav suggests they must take significant action against this vengeful act. He grabs her hand, and they leave together while Mauli and Rahul watch on. Vaibhav then proposes that they hit balloons at her as retribution.

Swara insists on going to talk to her, while he amuses himself by hitting Ajanta with a water balloon before hiding. Ajanta catches sight of Swara and quickly hides herself. Vaibhav then urges Swara to seek revenge on Ajanta. An irate Ajanta demands to know how dare anyone throw a balloon at her. Golu points out that she also threw one first. In retaliation, Ajanta throws another balloon. Golu hands her the bucket of balloons. Swara and Ajanta’s argument escalates as they exchange balloon hits. Just as things are getting intense, Tanvi arrives and gets caught in the crossfire of their balloon fight. Swara invites her to join in and seek revenge on them both. As they all banter back and forth, Rahul comments that it’s like a fun balloon fight they’re having, and Manas chimes in, agreeing that they’re all like one big happy family. Laughter fills the air as everyone enjoys themselves in the moment.


It is reported that Manas locked Mauli in a room and molested her. Janki asks Mauli if this is true. Mauli nods. Everyone is shocked.

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