Jhanak 26th January 2024 Written Episode: Jhanak’s Struggle and Anirudh’s Apology

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As Shubh asks how Chotan has been working with you, he says it’s good. Jhanak is silent. Chotan says my work got done well, my Seth ji wanted to make her a partner, she’s so lucky. Lal says yes. Appu says Jhanak is fortunate. Chotan lies to them. Anjana says she was waiting for you, Jhanak. Take a break.

Jihanak says no. I’ll do my job. I went to help Chotan. All I want is respect. Shubh asks where you met Anirudh. Chotan says we met at the traffic signal and sat in his car. Shubh questions him. He says you went somewhere else. He is called by a man who asks for Rupangar Basu.

He says he had to deliver the books, he met me in the morning and then disappeared, can I speak to him? Shubh says I will call you back, then ends the call. Shubh says your publisher said you didn’t go to deliver the books, tell me the truth, you took Jhanak to meet Anirudh, but that’s not true.

He scolds Jhanak for lying. Bipasha asks where you went. Lal scolds Chotan for supporting Jhanak. Chotan says I did not bring Jhanak to meet Anirudh. Tanuja asks where you went. Jhanak is asked whether she went to meet Anirudh by Anjana. In her words, I hate to lie, I didn’t lie, Chotan gave me the answers, I didn’t know where he was taking me, ask Chotan and Anirudh about it. Sorry Chotan, I can’t live here in peace, I’m tired. She tears.

Appu reassures, “Don’t cry, you didn’t do anything wrong.” Shubh demands an explanation, “Stop acting and answer me.” Jhanak suggests, “Why don’t you ask your son about it?” She urges Chotan to come clean, saying, “Please don’t lie anymore.” Bipasha inquires about the missing earring while Jhanak worriedly retreats to her room. Shubh insists on getting an answer, stating, “You have to tell us where you went.” Chotan deflects the blame onto Anirudh and leaves. Bipasha contacts Arshi and shares how Chotan deceived everyone by taking Jhanak out. Arshi reveals that Anirudh had met her for lunch earlier.

Bipasha observes several coincidences occurring at the present moment. Jhanak brings tea to Dada ji and notices his medicine. Consumed by thoughts of ending her own life, she makes her way to get some sleeping pills. However, her plans are interrupted when Dada ji asks for water, and she promptly fulfills his request. Bipasha confides in Jhanak and shares that she was stressed because Jhanak was pursuing Anirudh. Arshi interjects, stating that Anirudh was with her. Nonetheless, Bipasha insists that their meeting was not a mere coincidence and that there was something they were unaware of. She urges them to wait for Anirudh to arrive so Shubh can question where he went and why her earring was missing upon her return.

Arshi remembers Jhanak’s earrings. She says she wears short earrings. She wonders why Brij lied to me and if he is hiding something. She takes the sleeping pills. Dada ji stops her. Tanuja invited the guests on the day of the event, and Jhanak was asked to do the work, preventing her from attending. Arshi says correct. Bipasha says don’t worry; focus on the performance. She ends the call. Arshi worries. Dada ji asks who brewed the tea.

It is fantastic, he says, to do what you do best, focus on it, and stay here until your husband picks you up. You are Arshi’s sister but have always been a maid; don’t forget you cannot compare to him. Her answer is yes. She goes out and sees Anirudh. She hides the pills. He apologizes for overreacting. He says it will take just one day to change your life. He is shocked when Jhanak says she will see my dead face, whether she dances.


As Anirudh admits Jhanak to the hospital, he cries. He says he just wanted to help her. However, his doctor says her condition is unstable, so we don’t have time to help her. Anirudh argues with her family.

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