Kumkum Bhagya 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Tashu’s Remarriage Drama Unfolds

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Tashu tells Ashok and Manpreet she is having problems and is getting married. They assume she is getting remarried to someone else and tell her that it is not wrong. Tashu says she is marrying her husband. She said she had married him in a foreign country, which is why they are marrying in India. Prachi asks her about the problem.

She asks Prachi to think that her work is done. Ashok says Prachi handles the catering service. Tashu wants a caterer for her remarriage function. She heard about Kumkum Bhagya Catering services and asked if they knew. Ashok says Prachi handles the catering service. Tashu says she’s happy but wants Prachi to be her sister at her wedding. Ashok will handle the catering.

RV and Poorvi return home. Vaishali asks about others. Poorvi says she informed Dadi that they had returned home. RV says he wants to be alone since he was with her all night. Poorvi thinks you might need to be prepared to face everyone. She slips. RV holds her. Vaishali wonders what happened. RV sees KK’s wedding card and wonders if he hasn’t yet married.

Tashu and Prachi see the politician approaching. Tashu tells Prachi that her Papa is running for election against this guy. She is remarrying because he assassinated her character and said, I am staying with my husband without marriage, so I am remarrying to prove it.

RV and Poorvi came there with Harman, Harleen, and others. Harman says he wants to issue a press release for their clear image. Jaswant has not yet arrived from the office, Vaishali says. Harleen says everyone gets caught up in business. Harman says it is crucial. Monisha is asked why she went there by Dadi.

Monisha says it’s for a business meeting. Dadu says you were here for dinner, so when did you leave? RV praises Poorvi for saving RV. RV asks Poorvi not to be too happy since Dadi has a bad habit of praising others. Tashu gives Ranbir morning tea. Ranbir says he usually drinks ginger tea, but this is cardamom tea. Tashu says she forgot about it because of the marriage.

A flashback is shown when Prachi recalls Ranbir asking her to give him tea. He sips the tea and says it is terrible tea. Prachi says she will make it again and is about to leave. He says he enjoys the tea made by his mother. He sips and says it is terrible tea. He says Ranbir was kidding by saying your tea is good and better than Mummy’s. Prachi says that if you are more innovative, I am more intelligent, so he asks her to serve him the same sweet and perfect tea.

It’s okay with Prachi; she will try it. RV holds Prachi. Prachi asks what you’ll do without me. Ranbir says I’ll hold you close and won’t let you go far from me. Flashback ends. Prachi asks Manpreet where she is lost. Prachi says she remembers what she should have done. Ranbir also misses Prachi and says he remembered someone. He says he will drink this tea, but she thinks he will not forget who left him.

The RV family sits down for breakfast. Poorvi brings the breakfast and says she has prepared it according to everyone’s preferences. Deepika inquires if she knows that they all eat different meals. Poorvi says she got up early and asked the Servant to make everyone food. Poorvi is called Annapurna by Dadi and Dadi.

Dadi was right about Poorvi. Poorvi sits with RV, and Dadi asks Monisha to come and sit next to her. Monisha gets up and sits next to him. Dadi asks Monisha what’s wrong with sitting next to him. Deepika asks Monisha to get up and let them sit. Monisha gets up.


Monisha asks Harleen not to get her married to RV after RV’s divorce from Poorvi. Poorvi taunts RV for being with Monisha. Deepika asks Monisha to keep quiet for a while and then attacks Poorvi.

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