Kumkum Bhagya 12th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Prachi’s Concern for Poorvi

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Kumkum Bhagya 12th March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode starts with Prachi leaving RV’s house. Harleen insists that she drink tea, and Prachi agrees and sits down to drink tea. Harleen is told Poorvi wants to tell her a small thing, and she says she knows you will understand since you are a mother. She says Poorvi is sensitive and keeps things inside her heart, that she thinks a lot and hides the things so that others don’t worry.

When Harleen asks if anything happened, Prachi says no. She only tells you this for your information and says you’ll know. Harleen says it is unnecessary, but I will take care of it. Prachi says I’m not worried since you’re here. She asks Harleen to take care of Monisha as well and thinks she might not understand the limitations of the relationship. As she leaves, Prachi asks Poorvi not to worry as she is with her. Harleen says she will take care of her.

RV and Monisha also came there. Dadu asks where Prachi is. Harleen says she left. Dadi says we will meet her later, and RV and Poorvi leave for their honeymoon. Dadu asks them not to reveal their faces to him until the honeymoon is over.

RV says KK cancelled the meeting and missed the flight. RV has no idea what happened. Dadu says I know everything I have booked the resort for you in Mahabaleshwar and asks them to go. Servants bring their suitcases. He says Chaddha brought the car. RV says he will drive it. She sends them both to change and freshen up.

Poorvi worries Prachi and tells Diya that Monisha’s presence doesn’t seem right. Prachi says she will ask Poorvi to be alert and cautious when she comes. Diya asks why you doubt her. Prachi replies that she is a mother and knows and feels that Monisha will cause some problems. Diya inquires.

Diya says I am confused and that life is complicated. Prachi says life is complex and changes after marriage. She says everyone learns as time goes on.

Poorvi and RV come downstairs. Deepika asks Harleen to speak to Dadu. Harleen says RV will handle it, but it is a complex and uncomfortable situation, and he will be tense. She assures herself that he will handle it. He does RV’s and Poorvi’s aarti and instructs them to fight for the love they are going for. Dadu says they will win the battle. Monisha arrives.

He tells them that the main reason for going on the honeymoon is to spend quality time with each other, that there will be no third party between them, and that love, trust, and understanding will happen. After marriage, he asks them to blossom love and then asks them to leave. Dadi blesses them with children, and Harleen asks RV and Poorvi to care for them. RV and Poorvi leave the house, and he keeps his stuff on the deck.

Poorvi requests that he put her bag on the deck. He questions if she has made a prior request. She then asks politely if he could please store her bag on the deck. He responds that it would have been more appropriate to ask beforehand. Upon trying to place her trolley inside, Poorvi realizes it is too heavy, so RV steps in to help, but she declines. Urging for quick arrival and rest, he requests for her to move aside so he can place her belongings on the deck. Commenting on its weightiness, Poorvi takes a seat in the back. RV reminds her he is not a hired driver and suggests she sit in the front instead. Taking his spot behind the wheel, he starts driving away.

Deepika asks Vaishali how RV and Poorvi left. Deepika says the time was terrible. Vaishali says efforts might have been less, and she thought Monisha would stop him. Then she asks Deepika if she lost her RV to Poorvi. She says she is going to lose RV to Poorvi as well. Monisha shouts and says don’t say it. RV is hers and says that this wouldn’t have happened if Deepika had told her about Poorvi.

Vaishali says they’re moving on, but Monisha has taken two steps back. Deepika says they’ll think about their futures. Monisha says they’re fighting because I’m there. Vaishali says it’s not a fight but an argument that could lead to love. RV speeds up and asks Poorvi if she’s afraid.

Poorvi says no and asks him to look in front of the front. Looking scared, he asks if she did it purposefully. Poorvi says she will do it for her good. She prays to God for something to happen to the car, so it stops. The car stops. Poorvi thinks God heard her. RV asks if she has done anything. RV says what is happening to Poorvi.


Harleen is told that RV is innocent, and the middle-class girl is very clever, so she may be wooing him to trap him, and God knows. Poorvi says she cannot walk because of fatigue. RV asks what to do. Deepika tells Monisha if RV and Poorvi come closer, then…RV lifts Poorvi in his arms.

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