Teri Meri Doriyaan 11th February 2024 Written Episode: Veer’s Drastic Move and Sahiba’s Confrontation


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Veer recalls that his friends told him that Keerat wouldn’t marry him now and his rockstar image would be destroyed if he did that. Jasleen asks Garry if he did that. Veer asks Garry to believe him and refuses to have done anything wrong. Sahiba assures Keerat that Veer will not marry her.

As Veer says, this marriage cannot be cancelled at any cost, or else he will commit suicide. Veer lights a matchstick and pours kerosene on himself. Family members urged him not to do so. Veer warns them not to come near him; otherwise, he will burn himself. The family agrees. Veer threatens them to marry him and Keerat in a gurudwara.

Manveer accuses Veer of sacrificing himself for the Monga sisters, who he deems liars and ungrateful individuals. Sahiba defends her sister, claiming she is not lying about Veer’s true intentions – to satisfy his ego rather than genuinely loving Keerat. Keerat pleads with him to put down the matchstick, while Sahiba adds that Veer is merely putting on an act and has no intention of burning himself. Veer defends himself by saying that he has always supported Sahiba, but she accuses him of trying to break their marriage. Sahiba insists that he has never been like this before and attempts to approach him, only for Angad to pull her away. Akaal clarifies that he never asked for their marriage to be cancelled and pledges to investigate the truth first.

Despite the family’s pleas, Veer continues to play out his dramatic act. Repeatedly, Sahiba reassures them that he is not in danger and is only pretending. However, as he strikes another matchstick, she moves towards him again. Angad intervenes and slaps her, causing her to fall in shock. The rest of the family watches on in disbelief. Jaspal and Gurleen manage to take away Veer’s box of matches. Meanwhile, Inder reprimands Angad for his actions. Ajith attempts to retaliate by slapping Angad, but Sahiba stops him, stating that although Angad may be supporting the wrong side, she will not do the same.

Although Anand says he wasn’t trying to slap Sahiba, he was trying to save Veer. Sahiba says whatever the case is, there’s something wrong with the family’s upbringing. They’re not teaching their sons to be real men and to support right over wrong. Sahiba yells at Manveer and says she provoked Veer to attempt suicide. Angad hit her to save Veer, so it’s not bad.

Inder is shocked and asks Keerat if Veer slapped her. Seerat thinks this is a good time to discuss Angad and Sahiba’s divorce decision. Sahiba continues to confront Angad for slapping her, saying he is like Veer, who slapped Keerat. Keerat admits that Veer slapped her during the engagement night. Sahiba says she does not tolerate injustice like Keerat.

Seerat intends to stop her hypocrisy. Jasleen asks why the biggest drama queen is still silent and does not make baseless allegations. Seerat claims that Sahiba ruined Veer and Keerat’s lives. Angad tells her not to interfere. Seerat reveals that Angad and Sahiba divorced. The drama continues.


Inder asks Angad and Sahiba what happened when they decided to divorce. Sahiba says they had differences in a few things. However, Sahiba filed for divorce before Inder. It is taunted Seerat that Sahiba has given gyaan to everyone, and her relationship with Angad is broken; when will she divorce him? Since nothing is left after the revelation, Sahiba will formalize the divorce immediately.

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