Teri Meri Doriyaan 18th February 2024 Written Episode Update


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Veer is dragged to Monga House by Anagad, who tells the Mongas what Veer did to Keerat that night. Veer will apologize to Keerat for his sin, and then they can punish him or get him arrested for molestation. Veer angrily looks at Keerat. Veer says he did a big mistake and will correct it. He tells Keerat to stop staring at him and apologize to her.

Veer once again pulls out his victim card, refusing to apologize for a mistake he didn’t commit. He insists that Keerat was the one who injured him with a broken glass and expresses disappointment that his brother, Garry, is siding with Keerat instead of him. Frustrated and hurt, Veer storms off, declaring that no one has the right to punish him. Angad follows after him and inquires why he can’t just apologize for his error. Keerat then interjects, urging Angad to drop the issue since Veer doesn’t see his mistake. He pleads for them not to cause a scene in public and further shame them as they are already humiliated enough. With that, Veer exits the situation.

Angad promises Santosh that he will get Veer to realize his mistake and apologize to Keerat. Santosh asks if Angad realized he had slapped Sahiba when she told him Veer’s truth. Angad says he feels guilty about not trusting Sahiba and slapped her accidentally, not intentionally. He says it’s good that Keerat doesn’t have to marry a man like Keerat. Santosh says she’s looking forward to a day when Sahiba is freed from his grip. Angad says she will soon.

Seerat expresses gratitude to the anonymous individual at Brar’s house who provided her with hypnotic powder, which she plans to use to disrupt Sahiba’s mental stability. Upon entering Sahiba’s room, she discreetly adds the powder to a glass of water, confident that this will harm Sahiba’s behavior. Seerat is eager to witness how Sahiba’s actions will ruin Manveer’s upcoming kitty party. During the event, Manveer’s friend Mini compliments her daughter-in-law for being a great help in their business and household tasks. She slyly jabs at Manveer about the rumors involving Sahiba causing issues for Veer and Keerat’s wedding.

The friend asks if she kicked out Sahiba. Manveer says she still lives in the house and has gone to college. The friend says she can’t fathom how Manveer tolerates her daughter-in-law. Sahiba gulps the spiked water in one go as Seerat offers her the whole bottle again so she doesn’t bother Manveer during her cat party. Seerat says she forgot to inform Sahiba that Angad was searching for her to discuss divorce with her.

Sahiba leaves the room after his friends inform him about her son’s wedding and write Manveer’s name on the invitation. Sahiba walks out, murmuring why Angad wants her gone. She imagines Angad in that lady and asks her not to sign divorce papers. Sahiba tells Manveer what is going on. Manveer yells at Sahiba. Seerat smiles and thinks she will enjoy her younger sister’s drama. Sahiba continues to plead with Angad/lad not to sign the document.

As Sahiba imagines herself as Manveer, she pushes him. Inder asks why she pushed Manveer, and the daughter-in-law of Manveer’s friend shouts at Sahiba for misbehaving with her mother-in-law. Angad’s friend’s daughter-in-law yells at Sahiba next for misbehaving with her mother-in-law. She asks why they want Angad to divorce her. Drama continues…


The guest threatens to teach Sahiba a lesson. Sahiba pulls a knife and injures Manveer during the brawl. Angad, in his car, hears Sahiba calling him from a mental asylum ambulance.

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