Teri Meri Doriyaan 25th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Sahiba Rescued from Fire


Teri Meri Doriyaan 25th February 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

When Seerat plays Angad’s voice on a recorder, she misleads Sahiba into following it. In front of a circle, she hides the recorder under a plant. Sahiba heads toward the circle. Garry informs Angad as he drives home that Seerat left the auditorium silently last night and tried to enter Sahiba’s room suspiciously. Then Angad remembers someone outside the room and asks Garry to speed up. Sahiba joins the circle. Veer sets the circle on fire.

The play continues in Simran’s role as Seeta when Ravan provokes her to cross Laxman Rekha and kidnaps her. In response to Seerat’s request, Veer tells him to let Sahiba die and get out of Angad’s life for good. She pleads for help. The Brars will think Sahiba burnt herself and the Brar mansion because of her mental state, he says. Veer laughs like Ravan and says Angad can’t get here with his broken car.

Sahiba hallucinates seeing Angad in front of her and takes pheras with him. Garry calls Jasleen, informing her that Seerat has not yet arrived at the auditorium. Angad finds Sahiba’s mobile in her room and says she’s somewhere here. Inder prays for the kids’ outstanding acting. Simran feels bad that Sahiba and Angad didn’t come to see her play.

Garry says that something is burning outside. They search for it. They find Sahiba stuck in a fire. Seerat grins, seeing Sahiba taking pheras by herself. Sahiba’s dupatta catches fire.

Garry notices Veer and Seerat and escapes. Angad gets Sahiba out of the fire and falls into a tub to set off a fire. Garry throws water on the burning house. Sahiba loses consciousness, and Angad asks her to open her eyes and ask what happened.

She opens her eyes. Angad thanks God and asks if she is OK. She silently looks at him. Garry brings her water. She drinks it. Garry thanks God that she is safe. Sahiba, shivering, asks what happened to her and how she came here. Angad says they will find out soon. He instructs Garry to do one thing.


As Angad tells Seerat that he knows she still loves him, Sahiba asks what he is saying, asks Seerat if she wants to hear this, drags her out of the house, and shuts the door on her. Angad tells Seerat he shouldn’t have taken the curse of a love-deprived woman.

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