Jhanak 28th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Jhanak’s Recovery and Anirudh’s Plan

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The episode opens with Anirudh bringing Jhanak to the hospital. Anjana departs. Anirudh anxiously asks Chotan about Jhanak’s well-being and why she resorted to taking sleeping pills instead of confiding in him. He pleads for reassurance that she will recover. Chotan assures him there is no need to worry, as Jhanak will pull through. Anirudh expresses his frustration, wondering why she didn’t just leave the house if she was struggling so much and didn’t want his help. Chotan reiterates that the most important thing right now is for her to recover and advises them to wait for the doctor’s evaluation. They proceed to discuss the matter with the doctor upon their arrival.

Chotan says Jhanak has taken the sleeping pills. Dr. Ghosh checks Jhanak. He says we need to act quickly, we have no time. The doctor says poison has spread in her body. Anirudh says she has to be alive, and you can’t disappoint me. Doctor says don’t worry, we’ll save her, flush her stomach, and remove the sleeping pill effect, she’ll be fine. Anirudh says she’s not our maid but a relative of ours.

All of the family members arrive. Anirudh says the doctor said Jhanak would be fine. He argues with them. He says that you all are responsible for her condition because you have insulted her, hurt her, and forced her to take sleeping pills. Arshi asks where Jhanak and you went today. Anirudh says it was her work, and she asked me not to tell anyone about it. Lal thinks you could have told us, but we doubt you since you are involved in everything.

I understand Everyone has their own lives, but I cannot forgive myself if anything happens to Jhanak. Arshi says you’re helping her so much when you don’t know her, and you know mom would come here. Anirudh asks what difference it will make. Arshi says it’s a big drama; we can’t handle it. You’re making us uncomfortable.

In Bipasha’s opinion, if another girl had replaced Arshi, she would have left you. Chotan says this is not the time for this discussion. She says we are losing patience. If anything happens to Jhanak, you are all responsible; you force her to take this step. Keep your tone down, and this is a hospital.

Jhanak becomes conscious and speaks to the doctor. He asks why did you do this? How many pills did you eat? Don’t worry, take a rest; it will all be okay, Anirudh says I’ll ask and come. Anirudh asks the nurse how Jhanak is. The nurse says Jhanak is conscious and will be discharged within an hour. Lal says we’ve been saved. Arshi says I’m leaving. Anirudh stops her. She asks if I should stand here and watch your drama. She goes.

Jhanak is currently resting at home, while Anirudh surprises her with flowers and a handwritten note. As she becomes disoriented, he reassures her that she is back home and has recovered quickly. He also takes the opportunity to apologize for his family’s actions towards her and expresses gratitude for her willingness to participate in their plan. Despite his initial coercion, he acknowledges her efforts and asks if she likes the flowers. With tears in her eyes, Jhanak asks about his dream, to which Anirudh replies that it will be fulfilled tonight during the dance program. However, Jhanak firmly refuses, stating that this cannot happen.

When your mood changes, he says to bring Chotan with you. She asks why are you doing this. He says you will get answers soon, and I just want you to be better off. She said I tried to end my life, I felt death was better. There is no benefit to this. He says, trust me, I wanted to protect you, but now I don’t have control, I know you will go home, just one, fulfill my wish, big people will show up, and I want them to see how talented you are. She says no, I will not dance.

“Okay, I won’t force you. It’s your decision. Take care, I’ll head out now. Remember to stay fit for your trip to Srinagar.” “Don’t worry about me,” she reassures him. “I know someone is looking after me. I’ll rest as you suggested.” He takes her hand, and she meets his gaze. Bipasha suddenly appears and inquires about the situation. She questions why they are together, and he responds confidently that it is his house, so he doesn’t need permission. “I came to check on her health,” Bipasha explains. “Me too,” he retorts. Jhanak pleads with them not to argue and promises to cook dinner later.

Anirudh told the staff at the event to get to work. Shubh and Tanuja look over the newspaper. Tanuja asks Jhanak if she is fine now; you must make dinner. Bipasha says you and Shyam must handle the dinner, and you were planning to send us to jail. Lal asks Jhanak to answer. Anjana says don’t bother her; she just returned from the hospital. Shubh says you support her. Tanuja argues with Anjana.

Anjana mentioned that I sold my bridal jewelry so that Shubh could study abroad, although we didn’t openly discuss it. We may not have contributed to the household, but Shubh has since repaid the borrowed money with interest and has covered our expenses for many years. I am aware of the hard work my husband puts in for our family, and nobody is doing any favors for each other. Chotan assures us not to worry. However, Shubh accuses us of deceit, claiming we do not want to see Anirudh and Arshi together. Chotan clarifies that while he may not have money, he values doing what is best for them. Tanuja reprimands him for his actions.

They all target Appu and scold her. Anjana says Anirudh has done a lot for us, so even if Appu dies, she will be there. She won’t disappoint Anirudh. Jhanak stops her. She says I will make Appu change her dress. Appu says I want a new dress. Jhanak says I’ll make you look beautiful. Everyone sees you alone. If you’ll come with me, Appu promises.

Shubh says shut up. Jhanak thinks I’ll see you on TV. Shubh says that to finish the work on time, the food needs to be ready, and no mistakes need to be made. Jhanak says sure. Tanuja says to do the work. She asks Shyam to help Jhanak. Anjana asks if she is okay. Jhanak says yes. Chotan says that they won’t let you stay fine for long. Shubh scolds him.

All of them argue with Anjana. Appu sees this and stops Tanuja. Shubh gets angry and slaps Appu. Appu falls. Chotan and Anjana get worried. Shubh says you are a clever girl, but Anjana says you have hit Appu.

Anjana hugs Appu and cries. Jhanak prepares food. Chotan says he will help. Anirudh told me to give you juice every hour; please wait. Shyam says Anirudh cares greatly for you, return to your village. She argues with him. She says I don’t want to stay here. She gets the juice and drinks it. Chotan says Anirudh called again to ask about you. Anirudh says I’ll talk to her.

Jhanak says I’m busy. She drinks the juice. Chotan says she took the juice with anger. Anirudh tells her to get ready for the event. Chotan says let the family go first. Anirudh says fine. She says I won’t go. He says don’t do injustice to you. He tries to convince her. The man says Anirudh is taking a big risk. Finish the work, get ready, and come in 10 minutes.


In a moment, Shubh will end this conversation. Appu asks for Jhanak. Jhanak comes there. She performs on the stage. Anirudh smiles, seeing her.

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