Teri Meri Doriyaan 23rd March 2023 Written Update


The Sahiba tells Brars that they were reluctant to see her face until yesterday, but are acting as if there is no better daughter-in-law than her today. According to her, she did whatever they wanted her to do, she didn’t even mention her family at the reception, respected Manveer’s wishes, and silently filed Seerat’s missing report by herself.

Sahiba says that it is her duty to protect the dignity of the Brar family as a DIL, as well as take care of her parents’ family as a daughter, and she will follow the two duties diligently.

She asks Kulcha to bring his auto outside her house at midnight so she can see how Sahiba is being treated at Brar Mansion.

As Garry manipulates Seerat, he asks her to have some patience until he convinces his family to accept the marriage and give her a life she deserves. She falls for his tricks. He asks her to promise him not to doubt him often. She agrees.

Sahiba says she didn’t know the investigator would come uninformed. Manveer says she went out to file a complaint and lied about seeking food, acted drowsy, and accused Angad wrongly.

Prabjot says Sahiba easily proved Manveer wrong by accusing her without listening to her. Sahiba says they give verdicts without listening to her side and asks if she had told them she went out to eat. Angad recalls what Jasleen said. It is Jasleen’s belief that Sahiba points at her repeatedly and will soon get her out of the house.

The man asks why she is bothered about a girl who escaped from a wedding function humiliating them. Sahiba says maybe Seerat is kidnapped and her life is in danger. Prabjot says Seerat must be a rich girl who can pay a ransom for her capture.

Sahiba says she is kidnapped to defame the Brar family and reminds Angad that she wasn’t dying to marry him and that they were at odds whenever they met; Seerat made all the arrangements according to her wish and was eager to marry Angad, but I don’t know what happened to her.

She tells Darji that Seerat is her biological sister and she can’t stop worrying about her. She tells Garry that she is confident that the investigator will find some clue against Seerat and find out who is behind her.

Manveer and Angad will be portrayed as cruel MILs and monster husbands by the media because of Seerat, Gurleen says they should manage the situation carefully and ensure the function ends peacefully.

Seerat and Sahiba are then provoked by Garry, who claims they fooled him and entered his life, etc. Sahiba asks why Garry is overreacting and why he seems suspicious lately.

Darji says they should attend to the guest now, and Angad shouts how dare he misbehave with her brother? Sahiba asks what wrong have she done, she is sure her sister is in trouble and someone else is also involved.

Sahiba says she will inquire about her sister herself and they need not get involved. Angad and Sahiba pose for a few more pictures for the media. Seerat returns to the resort and recalls Garry’s words and wonders if Sahiba really fell for a lavish life. She tears a dress that Sahiba made for her angrily.

Angad feels cheated and burns his wedding dress. Garry enters and asks why he’s punishing himself for a girl. Angad says he feels cheated.

In this precap, Garry provokes an intoxicated Angad against Sahiba and suggests that he punish her every day. Angad walks up to Sahiba. Sahiba pushes him away and asks why he came to her room. Angad tells her that he loves her.

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