Kumkum Bhagya 26th February 2023 Written Update

Prachi is driving the car, while Ranbir is driving the auto. She doesn’t see the auto behind. She sees Ranbir standing in the middle of the road in front of the auto. Ranbir asks Prachi why she didn’t tell him when you were alive. He asks why she didn’t return. Prachi says she already answered him. Ranbir asks her to say it again since he wasn’t satisfied with her answer.

She says she doesn’t care what you think about me. Ranbir says I don’t care either. They argue. Prachi says I don’t care what you think.

Visiting Pallavi and Dida, Vikram asks if everything is okay. Pallavi is worried about Ranbir. According to him, I was unable to respond to your messages, and he explained that he had given his phone to be repaired after work, and when he got his phone back, he saw her messages and said you had said in your last message that you were going to PS.

Vikram says I will speak with the inspector. Pallavi says Aryan got bail. Vikram asks who filed the case against Ranbir. Pallavi says, Prachi. He asks Prachi if Ranbir molested her. Dida says another girl reported Ranbir and Prachi supports him. They get worried for Ranbir and leave. Payal asks the lady constable where Prachi is. The lady constable replies that she has left the area.

She asks the Inspector where Ranbir Kohli is, and he says he has run away. Inspector says he has not run because he has been bailed. She asks how he could get bail so early. Inspector says he has been bailed and left. Payal cries.

As Payal calls Prachi, she doesn’t pick up the call and switches off her phone. Prachi thinks about Ranbir accusing her in the past and confronting her for not returning. She stops the car. The people ask her to start it. Prachi comes home. Shahana asks where were you, it is late. Ranbir hits the punching bag and says you were in the hotel too. It wasn’t an illusion.

The next day, Prachi recalls Payal’s words and asks how he can do this. Ranbir asks why you are blaming me for everything. Prachi asks why that girl will lie. Whenever I waited for you every day, Ranbir said you liked to play with my emotions. When you returned, you arrested me. Prachi says, “I met Ranbir today,” Shahana asks, “What are you talking about?” Vikram, Pallavi, Dida and Aryan come to Ranbir and ask him to stop, saying it’s blood on his hands.

Dida asks him to calm down. Shahana tells him Ranbir can’t do this and tells him that he shouldn’t have arrested him. Ranbir says this is nothing, he has more pain. She says she can’t forget. Shahana asks her to forget. Prachi says I can’t forget. She says she is feeling as if she has given birth. She hugs her and tears up.

The ointment is applied to Ranbir’s wound. He says thanks Mom, but my wounds are deep and no one can heal them. He gets up. Pallavi asks where you are going? Ranbir replies I am where I am.

Pallavi says I’ll stay here. Vikram says all his wounds have become fresh now. Aryan says Ranbir hasn’t forgotten Prachi. Pallavi says I’ll stay here. Vikram asks her to leave him alone for now.

Prachi signs Shahana. Payal comes there and tells Prachi that she got worried when she didn’t pick up the call. Dadi asks what happened. Prachi signs Shahana. She takes Dadi from there. Dadi asks Shahana what has happened. She swears and asks her to tell the truth. Shahana says she will tell her and asks her not to react.

Ranbir has been bailed out and Payal says he can do anything with you. She says he is not rich, but he has good contacts. She tells Prachi her boyfriend has left her, and now she has lost her job. Prachi says I said right and that if you get scared then it will be wrong. She says you will be fine and move on. Prachi says I said right and that if you get scared then it will be wrong.

She tells me that she will feel low and think that all the people are against her, but if you do not give up, same people will appreciate her. She tells me that she will not get a job, and her family will be hungry.

When Payal asks Prachi to keep the phone with her, Prachi assures her that she is with her.

Dadi tells Prachi that she did not tell her that Ranbir is wrong when she hid the fact that she is alive from him. She says she will tell him today. Ranbir comes to Payal’s house. Payal looks scared and calls Prachi, telling her he has come.

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