Kumkum Bhagya 19th March 2023 Written Update

As Prachi walks out of Laali’s house, Ranbir looks at her. Akshay asks Ranbir why she is looking at him. Ranbir says she might be taunting me. In case something doesn’t go as she wants, Akshay taunts a lot, it is her habit. Nobody knows her habit better than me, as she taunted me so much since I came out of lockup, didn’t leave me any chances to taunt me, and she does so much chik chik, she is chikchiki.

Ranbir asks what did you tell Laali about Khushi if she is safe? He says he was happy in prison, she wasn’t there, and I came here for Khushi. Prachi appears. According to Prachi, after what I have done, Laali won’t call her boyfriend Balbir to her house for many days. Ranbir asks what you told her. Akshay asks if he touched Khushi.

Ranbir says yes, I got very angry and…. Prachi says he had fought with them. Akshay says if I had been in that same spot I would have beat him too. Prachi says nothing will happen, and I gave Laali a contract of flowers, which Khushi will bring flowers to me daily, and will tell me that everything is fine with me.

Prachi says I’m not your yaar and that we can sometimes learn from strange talks. Ranbir says I’ll go. Prachi says Khushi told me to drop you. Akshay asks what pain Ranbir fears if I stay here for some more time. Ranbir responds that she will taunt me more and my heart will be broken, so I should leave.

Akshay asks shall I drop you? Ranbir says no, telling him to let the taxi driver make some money, even though it’s his money. He sits in the taxi and goes. Akshay says goodbye to Prachi and sits in his car. Prachi sits in his car. When Ranbir goes home, he thinks of Prachi. Prachi thinks of Ranbir. Akshay thinks of Ranbir telling her that she is perfect and made for him.

Ashok asks Akshay if he is fine and he tells everything Khushi told her. Ashok asks why Prachi went to save Ranbir. Akshay says he is fine. Akshay says Prachi regards Khushi as her daughter, and Balbir beat her up, so Ranbir fought with him. He says Khushi could have called Prachi, which is why she went to help Ranbir. Ashok says it’s good that you heard about this. Akshay says those five minutes were awful. He says he’ll sleep and meet Prachi in dreams. Ashok prays for him.

When Ranbir comes to the office, the employees congratulate him on the big project. Ranbir gets happy. An employee/colleague asks when they will be moving and he says new staff will also join. Ranbir asks why? His colleague says he has done research since it is a big project, and they will need big finances. Ranbir asks them to get back to work and thinks he has to succeed to make his family happy and successful.

The peon collides with Akshay. Akshay scolds him for wasting his time and spoiling his hand. The peon says he will give you a tissue. Akshay says if Dad were here, he would have said the 5 crores were wasted.

Peon asks what? Akshay asks if I’m going to waste 10 crores on making you understand and asks him to bring tissue paper. Peon leaves. Akshay hears Ranbir talking with Mohit and telling him that he has one thing in mind, bringing big finance to the project. Ranbir asks Akshay if he forgot the way to my office. Akshay says you know my name. Ranbir says I know all your biodata and likes.

He says, whatever happens, is for good and that he feels his sayings are odd, but right since you don’t know about my father. After Peon collided with me, I scolded him for wasting my time, but then I heard you saying on the phone that you need money for your project, so I said I would finance all your projects.

It has become a big project, so now I need a large office, I need to hire more employees, which will increase expenses, computers, electricity bills, their salaries, and my working capital. The market won’t give you this much money, says Akshay. Despite the fact that no one gave me money before, Ranbir says the money that he wants is not just to start the project, but to keep it running, and honestly speaking, we have to just invest for the first 6 months, with no profit, and then we will make some profit after that time.

Ranbir has no property to mortgage, and Akshay says if you don’t give surety, you won’t get money. Akshay says you have to mortgage the property and give surety, otherwise, you won’t get money. Ranbir says I don’t have anything to mortgage.

Afterwards, he asks me if I should mortgage my company shares to you. Akshay says he trusts you, so no mortgage is required. As a result, Ranbir says he will not mortgage his share, but will instead make you a business collaborator and we will work together.

Ranbir says I don’t want to exploit our friendship, you will give me money out of your goodness, so I want you to have equal profits with me. Akshay says you are making me partner since I’m not mortgaging your shares; Akshay says I’m not mortgaging your shares. Ranbir gets happy. Akshay says my company will collaborate with your company and says he will handle the finances for the project.

Akshay says you have to give me a party. Ranbir says he will give you a party every day and thanks him. Prachi comes to the temple and asks Pandit ji to keep the aarti plate in front of God’s feet as today is Ranbir Kohli’s birthday and to get langar/feast for the poor. Then Pallavi remembers everything. She sits in her car and goes. Pandit ji says she didn’t tell me about Ranbir’s gotra. Pallavi says I am his mother, and I will tell you, so start the puja.

She recalls Pallavi accusing her. Akshay stops her and tells her that he has done his life’s biggest work, and he is opening his own company; I will also be working with Dad’s company. We will be collaborating with Ranbir’s company, and we will become partners. Prachi excuses herself and goes to her cabin. He calls her. Ashok asks about it.

Akshay says he’s considering opening a company and collaborating with Ranbir. Ashok is delighted and asks for a party. It’ll be a night party, Akshay says, but Ashok says only a day party, as I can’t go out in the evening. Akshay says ok. Ashok feels proud of him and thinks he’ll bring Prachi home soon. Ranbir comes there and sees a happy birthday decoration. He says happy birthday to his mother and says God will give you my age too. Pallavi tells Dida not to worry. Dida says today is Ranbir’s birthday.

Pallavi pats on his face, saying today isn’t my birthday. Ranbir wishes Dida a happy birthday. Dida pats his face, saying today isn’t my birthday. Ranbir asks if it is Priya’s birthday today. Pallavi asks Dida where her focus is and pulls his ears. Dida asks her to leave her grandson’s ears alone. Pallavi replies that he doesn’t remember his own birthday if she doesn’t pull his ears.

It’s my birthday today? Ranbir asks why you didn’t tell me earlier. Dida replies you left early. She tells Ranbir to get ready.

When Prachi was with him, he used to look forward to his birthday because she would make it special, and since she left, he has forgotten his own birthday.

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