Faltu 27th January 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Ayaan begins the episode by discussing his tension with Tanisha. He says Janardhan and Kanika decided to have Sid take care of the business. She says if you have less work, you can spend more time with me.

She asks him to come to see off Kanika. He says he has to check his pen drive. She insists and takes him away. Lajwanti sees everyone sleeping. She recalls her lie to Jamuna. Lajwanti leaves. Faltu asks where she went at night, she doesn’t know anyone there. Lajwanti meets Amar and gives him food. He asks her not to worry about him.

Tanisha asks him to keep the empty tiffin outside her home. Faltu learns she has come. Ayaan sits to check the pendrive. Tanisha scolds Sid for cheating on her. Ayaan would have seen Faltu’s confession video and known the truth. He says thank God, you had seen it. She asks are you sure, you hadn’t heard about it? As he says, you are misinterpreting me. She says, thank God, I had seen this pen drive before Ayaan. She replaces the Pendrive.

Sid thinks I might lose her friendship, what shall I do, should I falsely swear? She says you knew that I wouldn’t tell anything, why did you do that, answer me.

Sid says I can’t believe you are doubting me, you are blaming me, I swear on our friendship, trust me, someone else did this, I didn’t send this pen drive to Ayaan, how can I do this, how can I break your trust, I’m going against my brother for you, I want to make you happy, I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone, how could I do this knowing you would doubt me?

Maybe she told Faltu’s dad and brother the truth, they need money, and maybe they want Ayaan to know the truth. Tanisha says she m sorry Sid, I doubted you when I saw the pen drive, I panicked seeing it. I m sorry Sid, maybe Faltu really wants to tell Ayaan the truth. Give me some time. I promise I will find the culprit. He says it’s alright. She says once Faltu’s eye operation is completed, I’ll keep her from Ayaan. Sid says I’ll support you. She thanks him and leaves.

Faltu says thanks for including me in the puja arrangements. Jamuna apologizes to Faltu and cries. Faltu thinks of Lajwanti. In response, Faltu consoles Jamuna, saying Charan forgot to get sindoor. Jamuna says there is a sindoor in the house. Faltu asks why we need indoor. Ayaan meets someone and tries to find the donor’s name. Manohar introduces Tilak. Ayaan asks about Faltu’s donor. Tilak says he can’t tell you.

Manohar says he won’t lie. Tilak says fine, let’s go check the records. Ayaan insists and says my tension will go away if you tell me the donor’s name.

Lajwanti says the box is half empty, who has used the sindoor, tell me. Jamuna starts questioning Faltu. Pratap asks what’s with this Sindoor issue, is it true, no, why would Faltu apply Sindoor. He says Faltu hasn’t returned the Sindoor box to Madhuri Maasi. He tells Jamuna about the Sindoor issue.


Sid and Tanisha see Ayaan and hide. Sid says Ayaan might know you are Faltu’s donor.

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