Faltu 21st January 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Pratap asks Faltu to make sweets at the store. He says we will both earn money. Faltu goes to wash her hands. The girl asks them to hurry. Charan asks Pratap to take care of Faltu. In his meeting with a man, Ayaan says Faltu is not marriage. The man says Ayaan has seen Tanisha with her husband. Faltu and Charan told the chawl that he was her doctor, so why would they lie to everyone, the people of the chawl asked.

Ayaan says okay, you can go. He asks what truth are you hiding from me that you are lying so much? Faltu says I’m salivating over the smell of laddoos. The manager asks if she can see. He asks Faltu to go back home. She says I can know which laddoos are made here because of my nose. The manager asks how she knows. Pratap replies that she has sharp senses.

The manager says, “I know how to make laddoos well.” Ayaan recalls Faltu. Tanisha calls him and asks him to get laddoos. He says, “Relax, I’ll be right here.” Faltu assists the chef. Faltu makes the laddoos. Ayaan buys the same laddoos from the same store. He advises him to mix all the laddoos and pack them in 2 kgs so they will be fresh.

Faltu packs the sweets. She gives the two boxes to the manager. The manager says we got a lot of orders, and fresh sweets are being made. You can order laddoos from there. Ayaan asks him to get it soon. Ayaan thanks the manager. Ayaan stops. Judaai plays… Ayaan leaves in his car. Tanisha waits for Ayaan. Dadi says we are waiting for laddoo for a long time. Tanisha cries. Sumitra consoles her.

Thanks, Tanisha, I’m feeling bad because Mom and Dad are mad at me, so I’m crying. Janardhan asks why you’re crying, did anyone hurt you? Savita says no. Sumitra explains everything to him.

She tells Tanisha to stop crying, she is the Laxmi of the house. Tanisha says I didn’t want to hurt them, I asked Ayaan to get laddoos, but he hasn’t come yet. Janardhan asks what’s the point of forcing her to prepare laddoos when we can get them at the market. Faltu gives Charan a shirt. She asks him if he liked it. He said it wasn’t needed. Pratap jokes: “You have done a lot for me, you have fought for me, can’t I get you a shirt?” We earned 400 rupees today, we got 200 rupees and a shirt, and we got sweets for free.

Tanisha says she is crying because of you, because I asked you to come soon, and you are so late. Ayaan gets the laddoos. He asks why everyone is upset. He asks Tanisha why she is crying. She says it because of you.

It took me a while to get fresh laddoos for Bhog. Savita says to freshen up and come for puja. Janardhan asks Savita and Dadi not to bother Tanisha. Ayaan says Tanisha’s happiness is important to him because he is his business partner’s daughter, and nothing is more important to him than business. Faltu asks Pratap to take Charan’s picture so that when her sight is restored, she will be able to see it.

Faltu says I don’t think we will receive any help at the medical camp. Charan and Pratap encourage her and Ayaan tells Bua about Faltu. You can see me yourself, get ready, we need to go to the medical camp. He says I got to know that she isn’t married, why is she lying, she had Sindoor in her maang, I can move on with Tanisha once I know the truth, I know I’m doing something wrong with Tanisha, Faltu didn’t tell us the truth, you don’t need to go, I have to find a solution.

He says I did this for this one hug, see how I take Ayaan’s place in your heart. Tanisha checks the video. She prays. He thinks Faltu and Ayaan’s secret will be revealed.


Sid and Tanisha hear Faltu saying the truth to the doctor.

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