Teri Meri Doriyaan 6th April 2023 Written Update


Angad starts crying and huffing after Sahiba feeds him spicy food. Ajith scolds Sahiba. Keerat taunts Angad that he fed sweets to Sahiba and she fed him spicy food. Ajith apologizes on Sahiba’s behalf to Angad. Angad fills his and Sahiba’s plates with sweets and says let’s eat them together. Sahiba apologizes to Angad again.

As Seerat reaches her house’s locality, she hides her face and hopes no one will recognize her, recalling her last day there. Angad tastes sweets and tells Sahiba that they are good. Angad searches for Seerat and thinks Brars must have hidden Seerat in this small house. Santosh tells Ajith that she told him slowly Angad and Sahiba will accept each other.

Seerat hears neighbours talking about Angad bringing a car full of gifts to paghpera rituals in a large car even Santosh would not have imagined. They praise Sahiba’s fate and criticize Seerat’s ill fate that she lost a luxurious life to Sahiba, commenting that her younger sister is a queen and her elder sister is a maid. Sahiba manipulates Seerat’s life and makes her suffer, according to Seerat.

When Santosh’s creditor visits her, he demands loan payments. Santosh tries to avoid him. He forcefully enters to meet Ajith. Santosh promises to return his 20 lakhs after marriage and if she does not give him her house. Angad hears their conversation and realizes that Santosh took out a home loan for his wedding. Sanoth agrees and asks him to leave right now.

After noticing Angad, Seerat hides fearing he will bombard her with questions. Ajith notices Angad in the living room and asks what he is doing. Angad replies that he is just watching his house. Angad says he will repair it if the house is safe. Ajith lifts empty utensils. Angad says he will help him and lifts all the utensils at once.

In the meantime, Sahiba tries to help him, but he stops her and says he is habituated to lifting weights in the gym. As a result, he sprains his back and falls down. Sahiba scolds him and tries to help him, but he refuses. Santosh scolds Sahiba to behave properly with her husband.

Precap: Angad holds Sahiba’s hand. Sahiba asks why he held her hand. He tells her to apply ointment on his back. She does so. Manveer and Hansraj reach Ajith’s locality and blanket Tell Seerat about Ajith’s home.

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