Kumkum Bhagya 13th March 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

Laali asks Khushi to come with her and says you will be beaten up by him. Khushi says beat me, but don’t beat him. Balbir hits Ranbir and asks Laali to take Khushi. Ranbir asks Khushi to leave. Khushi asks him to leave. Balbir asks his goons to beat him. Khushi takes the utensils and hits the goons.

Khushi is forced out of the house, and Laali locks the door. Balbir says he wants to become a hero at my house, so the goons try to suffocate him and beat him. As Khushi thinks about what she should do, she goes to a neighbour and asks her to call the police. She says my Shiv has been beaten. She takes the call and asks Inspector to come there immediately, and gives the address.

There is a rumour that many men are hearing. Khushi comes back into the house somehow and tells them to leave. She says the police are coming. Laali asks Balbir not to kill him, but to beat him severely. Khushi puts the Police jeep siren ringtone on the mobile and tells Balbir that the Police are coming. The goons run out. Ranbir beats Balbir.

He asks Balbir to apologize and run because the police are approaching. Ranbir asks him to apologize to Khushi and promises not to raise his hand at her again. Balbir says he will not raise his hand on you again.

Khushi asks Laali to forgive her. Ranbir hits Balbir and says he will apologize to her. The goons return and tell Balbir that there are no police outside. Khushi scolds Laali when she finds the mobile. Balbir and the goons walk towards Ranbir. Ranbir hits them. The police arrive and arrest Ranbir and the goons.

Khushi tells Inspector not to take Ranbir after Laali tells him Balbir and his friends are innocent. Inspector says they have to take everyone. Then Ranbir tells Khushi that he’s going to tell Inspector what they’ve done, and then they’ll be in jail. He goes with the Police. Laali goes in an auto to free Balbir.

Khushi calls Prachi and cries. Prachi asks her what has happened, telling her she is your Parvati. She asks her to take a deep breath and speak. Khushi says Shiv has come home, Maayi’s boyfriend and his goons beat him badly, and the Police have taken him away.

Juhi’s mother asks Khushi to come with her to the PS. Khushi sits in the auto. Prachi tells Dadi that the Police have arrested Ranbir. He was beaten by Laali’s boyfriend and his friends in a drunken state. She says you shouldn’t go there. Dadi says Ranbir must have done something. Shahana says he gets angry. Prachi says I’m going there for Khushi. Dadi says she knows you love Ranbir even now that you were separated due to his anger. She says the pain doesn’t go away.

Prachi asks Shahana not to go anywhere. She tells Shahana to lock the door and tells Prachi she won’t go anywhere. Prachi tells Shahana to stop. Suddenly, Dadi shouts and asks Shahana to close the door, as she doesn’t want to see Shahana go through the same pain again. It turns out it’s just her imagination, and she thinks they won’t let me go if I tell them.

Dadi tells them she has to go to the office, and she can be late. Shahana asks what do you think? Dadi says she has gone to the office again, and she will talk to her. At the PS, Ranbir tells the Inspector that it was not his mistake. He asks Inspector to provide him with a response and says they were drunk. The inspector asks if you beat them. Ranbir tells him that if he hadn’t beaten them, he would have died. Laali comes over and takes Balbir aside.

Ranbir says I would have called you when they were beating you. He says I want to file a case against Balbira. He says he needs to make an important call. Balbir goes to Laali’s side and tells her they must do something. She asks him to move back as he stinks of wine. Inspector asks Constable to file the complaint.

Then he asks if she had noticed the smell previously. She says she used to but used to stay silent. He says anyone gets polite here. He asks her to listen carefully. Aali bites his hand and tells him to tell it clearly. He says you should file a complaint against Ranbir and mention that he beat Khushi and my friends and I was saving them from him.

Khushi will not give a statement against you. Laali asks her to threaten Khushi and put Ranbir’s sins on him. It appears that Laali has threatened Khushi to tell Ranbir that she has beaten her, or else she will leave her. Khushi is shocked. Laali asks Inspector how he has beaten her daughter. She smiles as she looks at Balbir.

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