Teri Meri Doriyaan 29th June 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 29th June 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Angad converses with the clients while heading home. The client notices a photo of Angad and Seerat on a news portal and asks Angad if they got married. Jasleen shows Seerat the news and Veer comments on it. Angad feels upset as Sahiba hasn’t returned home yet. Sahiba tries to find a mode of transportation to reach the Brar mansion, searching for an auto or cab.

Hansraj informs the family that the guests have arrived, and Manveer remarks on Sahiba’s absence. Jasleen suggests that Seerat attend in Sahiba’s place and take care of the guests. Jaspal warmly welcomes the clients, who mistake Seerat for Angad’s wife.

Meanwhile, Sahiba attempts to hitch a ride and stops a lady for help. The lady explains she can’t drive doubles, but Sahiba offers to drive. They agree, and Sahiba drives the Scooty towards home. Akaal converses with the clients, and Angad asks Veer about Sahiba’s whereabouts. Veer informs him that Sahiba hasn’t returned yet. While on the way, a truck splashes mud on Sahiba and the scooter, but she continues her journey, hoping to reach home quickly.

Jabjyot approaches Angad and asks about Sahiba’s location. Angad expresses his uncertainty. Akaal suggests to Jabjyot that Sahiba won’t be coming. Finally, Sahiba reaches the Brar mansion, thanking the lady who provided her with a lift. She enters the house unnoticed, but Jasleen spots her and brings her in front of the guests. Angad instructs Sahiba to change her dress, while Jasleen asks her to introduce herself to the guests. Sahiba introduces herself as Angad’s wife, surprising the guests. Angad confirms Sahiba’s statement, and Akaal questions why the guests assumed Seerat was Angad’s wife when they hadn’t introduced her as such. The guests show a news portal featuring a photo of Angad and Seerat with the caption “Mr. and Mrs. Brar.” Angad wonders how the news outlet obtained that photo and asks Veer to ensure its deletion. The guests discuss Angad’s marriage to Sahiba and comment on her. Akaal and Jabjyot feel insulted.

Manveer asks Angad why he allowed Sahiba to go to college when important guests were expected at home. Angad defends Sahiba, mentioning that she assured him she would be home on time. Manveer criticizes Sahiba’s dishevelled appearance in front of the guests. Angad expresses his desire to speak with Sahiba alone.


The police arrive at the Brar mansion, stating that they received a complaint against Akaal and have come to arrest him. Jasleen sees the complaint and questions Sahiba if she filed it. Sahiba denies filing any complaint, but Jasleen shows a video in which Sahiba claims to have filed a complaint against Akaal for restricting her from going to college and confining her at home.

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