Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 14th July 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 14th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Priya arriving to meet Ram. The staff congratulates her and asks for a selfie. Yuvraj watches from a distance. Ram notices Yuvraj and scolds him for missing deadlines. Aleka becomes worried. Priya approaches and greets them. She asks if they can talk privately. Ram offers her coffee. Upon seeing Yuvraj, Priya lowers the blinds and closes the door. Ram playfully remarks that she punched him when he closed the door.

He asks if she brought food for him like a new bride. Priya reminds him of the contract and questions why he ordered the closure of her clinic. She argues with him, expressing her discontent. She refuses to simply stay at home and remain jobless while he decides everything. Ram asks for some time to think. Priya points out that he is rich and thinks he can do whatever he wants. She emphasizes that it is her life and she has worked hard to study, practice, and establish her clinic. Ram mentions that Shalini expressed her concerns and desires, and her opinion holds weight for him.

He explains that Shalini felt the clinic was too far and believed that Priya’s health would suffer as a result. Ram clarifies that he did not want to interfere in her work, but he wanted to see Shalini smile. He further states that he was against the decision to close the clinic, but finding a suitable property in Mumbai in just one day is a challenge, considering the high costs involved. Ram suggests considering a change in location for the clinic, as it might lead to better business opportunities. Priya insists that the current area is the best for her and expresses her disappointment that Ram, being a self-made person, doesn’t understand her perspective. She declares her happiness with the current setup and rejects any fancy upgrades. Ram acknowledges her differences and calls her unique, appreciating her as a person. He eats a cookie and offers one to Priya, who declines, mentioning that she has cut down on sugar. Ram humorously comments on her appearance. They discuss what they will tell Ram’s mother about the situation.

Meanwhile, Shreya overhears Shalini talking on the phone and becomes curious about her whereabouts. Ram and Priya return home. Ram assures Priya that they will handle the situation and explain that she is content with her clinic. Priya worries about Shalini’s reaction. Ram assures her that his mother admires strong and independent women.

Priya decides to organize a dinner for Shalini and have a conversation with her. In the kitchen, Mitali prepares something while instructing Sheetal to add protein powder to the soup without informing Shalini. Priya interrupts and questions the choice of soup. Sheetal explains that it’s for Shalini, but Priya reminds her of the specific instructions. Priya smells the soup and suspects something is off, so she throws it away. Mitali tries to intervene, but Priya insists on making healthy food for Shalini. Mitali runs the tap to ensure nothing remains in the sink and leaves. Priya decides to prepare dinner herself.

Mitali complains to Tej about Priya throwing the soup and reveals her plan to maintain Shalini’s heart condition. Shreya joins them and suggests that they shouldn’t worry about the will and should stay in Ram’s good books. They set out to find Shalini. Priya takes the dinner and Ram intercepts her. They have a playful moment, and Ram assures her of the anti-skid flooring. Priya mentions that she prepared the food for Shalini, and Ram jokingly offers to taste it. Priya insists that he goes downstairs to have dinner. They realize that Shalini is missing and start to worry. Ram panics and shouts. Shreya advises them to relax and tries calling Shalini, but her phone is busy. Priya receives a call and realizes that it’s Shalini.


Aleka states that they need to resolve their differences, questioning how they can work together when they have such conflicts. She mentions her upcoming marriage to Yuvraj.

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