Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 6th July 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 6th July 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Ram expressing his surprise at seeing Yuvraj at the wedding. However, Priya accuses him of feigning ignorance and not honouring her request. She emphasizes that their marriage is for the sake of their parents and argues with him. Ram insists that she needs to move on and learn to deal with her feelings, reminding her that Yuvraj is Aleka’s present and part of his family. Priya disagrees, stating that Yuvraj could have been absent from their marriage for the sake of her parents. She believes that if she can consider his mother’s feelings, he should also consider her parents’ feelings. She asserts that she doesn’t want his help and he agrees.

Sanjeev, Anju, and Ritika return home and reminisce about Priya, feeling emotional and missing her. Ritika tries to console them, assuring them that they can visit Priya anytime. Anju advises against calling Priya at the moment, as she is likely busy with wedding rituals, suggesting they wait until she settles down to contact them. Sanjeev agrees with her.

Aleka assists Shalini in making Rangoli, but Shalini insists on doing it herself, excited for the arrival of her daughter-in-law. The relatives start complaining, but Shreya intervenes, urging them to go and welcome Ram and Priya. She emphasizes the importance of being happy for Shalini and encourages them to support her. Reluctantly, they agree and leave. Shalini smiles with joy as Ram and Priya arrive home. Everyone teases Ram, and Shalini defends him, requesting that they not tease her Ram as he is in a hurry. She performs their aarti and warmly welcomes them. Priya’s grahpravesh (entry into the new home) takes place. Shalini presents Priya with ancestral bangles and advises her to uphold the family’s respect and trust. Priya becomes anxious.

Rishabh and Gaurav suggest that Ram lift Priya and carry her inside the house. Shalini expresses her delight at the idea, deeming it romantic. Ram hesitates, mentioning that he hasn’t eaten yet. However, Priya assures him that it’s fine and she can walk. Shivani jokes, while Shalini insists that Ram should lift Priya as it is a traditional gesture of a husband protecting his wife. She emphasizes that he is there to protect her. Aleka finds the moment romantic and urges them to proceed quickly. Shalini encourages Ram to fulfil the marriage custom, and he eventually lifts Priya amid applause. Aleka and Yuvraj take their leave, and Aleka asks Yuvraj to speak up if he’s hurt. Yuvraj reveals his disappointment, mentioning that Ram wasn’t happy to see him at the wedding and expressing concern that he may lose his job. Aleka reassures him, explaining that it’s their marriage causing stress for Priya and that they both need time. Yuvraj remains sceptical, believing that things won’t improve and that he can’t always be excluded.

Meanwhile, Priya talks to her friend Aradhna on the phone, and the show “Barsatein” is promoted.

In the precap, Shalini warmly welcomes Priya home, and Priya and Ram engage in an argument about the bed.

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